How to Manage 1-on-1s


  • The Basics
  • How to Archive 1-on-1s
  • How to Search 1-on-1s
  • How to Delete 1-on-1s

The Basics

The 1-on-1s screen is divided into 3 "folders":

  1. Inbox contains all your open and active 1-on-1s.
  2. Archived contains all 1-on-1s that you've archived.
  3. All 1-on-1s contain all your 1-on-1s from your Inbox or Archived folders. If you're a manager, this section will also contain all 1-on-1s for your downline reports. 

Important: Archiving a 1-on-1 only archives it for you -- your decision to archive (or not) doesn't affect anybody else!

How to Archive a 1-on-1

There are a few ways to archive your 1-on-1s:

  1. From your 1-on-1s Inbox, click the checkbox next to the 1-on-1(s) you want to archive. Then, click the Archive button. (Pro tip: you can select all by clicking the top checkbox!)
  2. From within a 1-on-1, you can click "Actions"  "Archive 1-on-1"
  3. For 1-on-1s that are not yet final, you can click the Finalize & Archive button to both finalize the 1-on-1 and move it to your Archived folder.

There are a couple reasons a 1-on-1 might move back to your Inbox:

  1. If you unarchive it! You can unarchive any 1-on-1 by finding the 1-on-1 in your Archived folder and moving it back to your inbox.
  2. If the other participant in the 1-on-1 comments (or shares), the conversation will move back to your Inbox.
  3. If you haven't yet finalized (but already archived the 1-on-1) and then the other participant finalizes their 1-on-1, the conversation will move back to your Inbox.

How to Search 1-on-1s

From the right hand side of your 1-on-1 landing page you can search for your different conversations by people, demographics, cycle name, and whether you were in the direct report or facilitator role within that 1-on-1. 

How to Delete a 1-on-1

You can delete any 1-on-1 that you initiated at any point. From within the 1-on-1 conversation, click the Actions drop down menu and select Delete 1-on-1