How to Launch a Talent Review Cycle

This guide will show you how Admin users can launch a Talent Review cycle to prompt people leaders to provide Talent Reviews for their employees either as a one-time cycle or as an automated (recurring) cycle.  

Admins, direct managers, and up-line managers also have the option to update an employee's Talent Review rating at any time

1. Customize your Talent Review Template

The first step to launching Talent Reviews to your company is to customize your Talent Reviews template. This is where you will designate who should be invited to provide Talent Reviews for your employees. Our default Talent Reviews template is set to automatically invite managers to provide Talent Review ratings for their direct reports. In other words, for any employee you want to review, our default is to automatically invite their direct manager to provide Talent Review ratings based on the reporting relationships in Quantum Workplace. If you want anyone other than the direct manager to provide Talent Reviews for your team, or if you don't want the direct manager to be invited based on the reporting relationships on file in Quantum Workplace, you will need to customize your Talent Reviews template. Please note that once you use your template to launch a cycle, you will lose the option to edit certain elements of your template.  For this reason, we recommend contacting your Customer Success Manager before you launch your first Talent Reviews cycle. 

If you need to customize the Talent Reviews questions to fit a 9-box or if you need to change the wording of our recommended Talent Reviews questions for any reason, you'll make those edits in this template directly to the questions. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for assistance with these edits. 

To view your Talent Reviews template, navigate to Administration and click Talent Reviews. Then, click the Templates tab. You will see a template titled "Talent Reviews" if you began using Talent Reviews after August 2020, or a template titled "Vitals" if you used Talent Reviews under its previous branding. This template includes our 3 Talent Review questions. Click Edit to open the template.  
Talent Reviews templates tab

The General Settings for the Talent Reviews (or Vitals) template are pre-configured, so leave these settings as they are. The Feedback Groups section is where you will specify who should provide Talent Reviews in relation to the employees under review. Our default Feedback Group setting is to invite only the direct manager of the employee to provide Talent Reviews and to automatically invite those managers based on the user information (e.g. reporting relationships )you include in Quantum Workplace. If you need to invite anyone other than direct managers to provide Talent Reviews or if you need to manually select direct managers to provide Talent Reviews, click the drop down arrow next to Feedback Groups. If you don't need to change these settings, you're ready to launch your Talent Reviews cycle (proceed to step 2 in this guide).
Edit feedback groups-1

If you need to turn off the ability for direct managers to provide Talent Reviews, uncheck the box next to Manager to remove this group from being invited to provide Talent Reviews.  

If you need to invite people other than direct managers to provide Talent Reviews (e.g., matrix managers), replace the text in "Other" with the text of that group and click Save Feedback Groups. Click Add New Feedback Group for any new type of relationship that should be invited to provide Talent Reviews. Talent Reviews supports a maximum of 3 customer Feedback Groups. 

For any custom group you create, the only option for How will this group be selected? is to "let the end user select feedback providers". This means that Admin users will need to manually specify who these providers are. 

Once you have configured your Feedback Groups, you will see each group and the method of invitation under the Feedback Group settings. Once this looks correct, you're ready to launch your Talent Reviews Cycle.


2. Launch your Talent Reviews Cycle

Once your template is configured, you're ready to launch your cycle. This is where you will select which employees should receive Talent Reviews.

From Talent Reviews Admin, click the Cycles tab. Then click New Cycle. Talent Reviews cycle tab click New Cycle

Under General Settings, select Single cycle (used most often) or Automated cycle if you would like to schedule Talent Reviews to automatically go out for the same group of employees on a recurring basis (e.g., every quarter). Name your cycle and optionally, add context for your Talent Review Providers in the About This Cycle section. If you do add context here, be sure to check the box next to Include in emails and feedback experience. Click Save and Continue.

Talent review cycle set up 1 general settings

Under the Select Employees banner, click Select Employees. From the resulting window that pops up, select all employees who need to receive Talent Reviews ratings. 
Select employees buttonFrom the Select a Template drop down menu, select the only template available; it will be titled either Talent Reviews or Vitals if you used Talent Reviews prior to August 2020. Then click Add People followed by All Done to advance. If you need to select Feedback Providers, you can do that from the resulting window using the Import Providers button. (You can complete this now or return to this step later to import providers.) Follow these instructions for importing ProvidersQ3 TR Select employees

Under Set Schedule & Milestones, select your milestone dates. You can choose to select a date that all Talent Reviews should become visible, or you can choose to set Talent Reviews to be visible in real time by checking the "Immediately" box. Once you have set your dates, you can click Save and Continue and Launch to launch your cycle. 

Set Schedule & Milestones

How to Specify who Should Provide Talent Reviews after your Cycle Launches

You can still add Talent Reviews providers after your cycle launches.  You will need to complete this step if you did not already import Talent Review providers during the cycle set up process 
Add providers for Vitals
From the Feedback tab, find the Talent Reviews cycle you've launched using the Cycle drop down menu. Any employee who is under review as part of this Talent Reviews cycle will appear under Recipient. Click the blue Add Providers button next to any employee to add the coworkers who should review them. You will be able to add providers for every Feedback Group that you created when you configured your template. Type in the name or email address of the person who belongs in each group and click Add Providers. Anyone you add here will be notified via email that they have been invited to provide Talent Reviews for the employee.