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How to Launch an Automated Feedback Cycle

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As an admin, create Feedback cycles that automatically launch on certain events. These events can include hire & exit dates, anniversaries, or recurring intervals, i.e. quarterly, annually, etc.

Feedback recipients will automatically be added to the cycle at the time you designate. However, you must specify who is to be invited when the cycle launches or when a new feedback recipient is added.

The only way to automatically invite Feedback providers to any Feedback cycle is to designate that Feedback groups should be automatically invited via the template you're using. 

For most Feedback cycles, i.e. all Feedback cycles except fr those mentioned above, it's recommended to create a single cycle rather than an automated cycle. 

Getting Started

Navigate to Feedback Administration. Click New Cycle in the top right corner. 

Cycle Setup / General Settings

If your organization has enabled Focused Feedback as an option, you will see the below screen. If you see this screen select Open Feedback Cycle. 


From the Cycle Setup screen, click Automated in the top left corner under Cycle Type. 

Then, work through the following steps:
  • Cycle Name: Enter the title for this Feedback cycle.
  • Select Template: Select the Feedback template that you will utilize for this cycle.
  • About This Cycle: Add any context about this cycle that you would like to share with your feedback providers and/or recipients.
  • Advanced Options
    Under Advanced Options, you will specify who is responsible for selecting Feedback providers, who can see the feedback for this cycle, and whether this Feedback will be confidential or attributed.
  • Who will select feedback providers?
    Click the drop-down arrow by this section to determine who is responsible for selecting feedback providers.  Feedback providers will not be automatically re-invited to a recurring Feedback cycle unless your Feedback template is set to automatically invite feedback providers based on the Feedback Group they belong to. 

  • Who will see feedback?
    In this section, you will determine whether feedback recipients and their managers should have visibility into the feedback they receive. If you specified that feedback recipients will select their own feedback providers, they will be able to see any feedback they receive. 

  • Are answers confidential?
    Click the drop-down arrow next to this field to designate whether feedback should be confidential or attributed.

Schedule & Milestones

Within the Schedule & Milestones section, you will designate what triggers this cycle to re-occur and specify the dates that feedback should be due following the launch of the cycle. 

What triggers a new cycle to launch?
Under this header, you'll select what type of automated Feedback cycle this is. To automatically add new hires as feedback recipients a certain number of days into their tenure, select Hire Date. To conduct a peer exit survey (e.g., to ask colleagues to provide feedback about a terminating employee) select Exit Date. To automatically add employees to receive feedback on their anniversary month, select Anniversary Date. To create a Feedback cycle that adds employees to receive feedback on a set time frame, select Recurring Date. 

Based on the selection you made above, you will designate when this cycle should launch, the due date for selecting feedback providers, the due date for giving feedback, and the date that feedback should become visible. Once you have added your dates, click Save and Continue to advance. 

Feedback Recipients 

For recurring Feedback cycles, the default is for all employees who have Feedback enabled for them to be invited as feedback recipients for the recurring cycle.

To specify the scope of the feedback, click Limit By Demographic to expand the Include and Exclude fields. Enter the relevant demographics into one or both fields to ensure the right people see this Feedback cycle. Then, click Save.

For example: This Feedback cycle is intended for all employees in the Finance and HR departments except for those in the Boston office. 

Include: Department: Finance, Deparment: HR
Exclude: Location: Boston


For cycles based on hire date, exit date, or anniversary, all upcoming employees who fit the criteria you specified in the Schedule & Milestones section will be listed in this section.

For every employee who will be added as a feedback recipient, you will see the date that they will be added to the cycle as a Feedback recipient under Launch Date.

As with other Feedback cycles, this section lists the feedback recipients only- these recipients will either need to select their own Feedback providers or have Feedback providers added on their behalf once the cycle launches (depending on your settings in Step 1).

For cycles based on hire date, exit date, or anniversary, you can manually add feedback recipients to the cycle by clicking Select Feedback Recipients.

Then click Save and Continue to advance to the final step. 


Activation Settings

Under Activation Settings, you can click Enable Automation Now to set the Feedback cycle to go live now. For Recurring Feedback cycles, this means that the first instance of this Feedback will launch on the date and time you've selected. For all other automated Feedback cycles (New Hire, Exit, and Anniversary), the employees who you've added as Feedback Recipients will be added to this Feedback cycle on the dates listed in the Feedback Recipients section.

If you're not ready to schedule the first Feedback to launch, you can return to the setup for this Feedback cycle at any time to enable the automation. Or, click Schedule for Later to pick the first date that the Feedback cycle should launch and to schedule an end date (if needed).