Launch an Automated 1-on-1 Cycle

Admins can launch 1-on-1 cycles that recur automatically on a given time frame or occur based on an employee's hire date or exit date.

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As an admin, learn how to create 1-on-1s that automatically launch based on a specified trigger, i.e. hire/exit dates, anniversaries, etc. 

For most organizations, it's recommended to create a single 1-on-1 cycle, rather than an automated 1-on-1 cycle. Learn how to create a single 1-on-1 cycle. 

Launch an Automated 1-on-1 Cycle

To launch an automated 1-on-1 cycle:

  1. Click and expand Administration in the left-hand navigation menu 
  2. Click 1-on-1s
  3. Click Automated Cycles
  4. Click New Automation to open the cycle creator as detailed in the following sections

Cycle Setup

Configure the cycle details on this step.

  1. Cycle Type: Leave Automated selected to launch an Automated Cycle
  2. Cycle Name: Enter a title for your cycle as participants will see in in-app and in email notifications
  3. Select a Template: Select the template to be used for all cycle participants
  4. About This Cycle: Optionally, enter any content or additional information about the cycle
    • Check the Include in emails box to include this information in the email invitation sent to participants
  5. Manager Analytics: Optionally, check this box to give managers access to aggregate, non-attributed analytics for their employees, this includes direct reports and all down-line employees
    • Managers and Upline Managers can always view 1-on-1s that occur in their downline individually
  6. Share Settings: Customize the settings for the 1-on-1
    • The most popular configuration is to select Box 1 and Box 3 
    • Mark as Performance Review is a BETA feature that visibly indicates a 1-on-1 cycle as being used for performance reviews

    • If Facilitators must 'Submit for Approval' before sharing is selected, responses from the manager/facilitator will require an admin to approve the response before the employee is notified and able to view the response

      • Allow upline managers to approve content would allow the facilitator's upline managers, in addition to admins, to approve a facilitator's response
      • After approval, facilitator must share... would require that the facilitator enter the 1-on-1 and click Share to allow the employee to view the facilitator's responses 

Click Save and Continue to complete the Cycle Setup step and continue.

Notifications & Milestones Schedule

Configure the cycle trigger, start & close dates, and milestones on this step.

  1. Cycle Trigger: Specify the trigger that automatically creates and launches for participants, select from:
    • Hire Date: Cycles launch based on a user's hire date
    • Exit Date: Cycles launch based on a user's exit date
    • Anniversary: Cycles launch annually on the first day of the user's hire month
    • Recurring: Cycles launch and recur on a specified interval, i.e. weekly, biweekly, quarterly, etc. 
  2. Cycle Launch Date: Specify when the cycle should launch according to the cycle trigger, this step will look different according to the trigger
  3. Milestones: Specify when both participants should share and finalize their 1-on-1
    • Reminders for each milestone are set to send two days prior to the milestone date
  4. Cycle Lock Date: Specify when the cycle locks and neither participant can share or finalize their responses
Click Save and Continue to complete the Notifications & Milestone Schedule step and continue.


Configure the participants for the 1-on-1 cycle. 

  • A. Current Participants: Lists the users currently queued to be invited to the 1-on-1 cycle
  • B. Add Participants & Demographic Filter:
    • Add Participants: Manually add participants to the cycle, useful if users who wouldn't otherwise be invited should be involved in the cycle
    • Limit by Demographic: Use the Include & Exclude to filter the participants that are invited based on the specified trigger
  • C. Upcoming: Lists the users who are scheduled to be invited to the cycle, i.e. if hire date is the trigger, soon-to-be hired users will be listed alongside the cycle launch date

Learn how to change 1-on-1 facilitators.

Click Save and Continue to complete the Participants step and continue.

Activation Settings

Active the automation immediately or schedule the activation for a later date.

  • A. Activate Now: Click Enable Automation Now to immediately activate the automated 1-on-1 cycle
    • For cycles with a recurring trigger, the cycle launches on the scheduled date
  • B. Activate Later: Click Schedule for Later to expand a menu to enter the automation start date and optionally, an end date for the automation