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How to Launch an Automated 1-on-1 Cycle

Admins can launch 1-on-1 cycles that recur automatically on a given time frame or occur based on an employee's hire date or exit date.

Overview of Automated 1-on-1s
Getting Started
Cycle Setup
Notifications & Milestones
When does this Cycle Launch?
Activation Settings

Overview of Automated 1-on-1s

As an Admin, you can create 1-on-1s that launch automatically based on an employee's hire or exit date (to facilitate new hire or exit conversations) or automatically on the month of an employee's anniversary with the company (to facilitate Focal Date Reviews or Anniversary Date Reviews).
You can also launch a 1-on-1 to recur automatically on a set time frame (e.g. quarterly, semi-annually, or annually). 


For most 1-on-1s, we recommend creating a Single Cycle rather than an Automated cycle. Click here for instructions on how to launch a single 1-on-1 cycle. 

Getting Started

From the Administration menu, click 1-on-1s. Then, click New Cycle

Cycle Setup

From the Cycle Setup screen, click Automated in the top left corner under Cycle Type. 

Then, fill out each of the fields on this page. Enter a title for your 1-on-1 cycle under Cycle Name (your employees will see the Cycle Name in all email notifications and bell alerts about this cycle). Under Select a Template, choose the template, or question set, that employees and managers should answer for this 1-on-1. 

You can opt to add context for your employees and managers to see in the About This Cycle text box.

Finally, adjust the Share Settings on the right to control whether employees and managers can see each other's responses before they submit their own, whether they should have the ability to unshare and edit their responses after they share their responses. Then, click Save and Continue to advance.

Notifications & Milestones Section

From the Notifications & Milestone Schedule section, you'll specify what causes a new 1-on-1 cycle to launch. For new hire 1-on-1s, leave the default of Hire Date selected:

For exit 1-on-1 conversations, select Exit date. To schedule a 1-on-1 to launch on the anniversary of an employee's hire date, select Anniversary. To establish a 1-on-1 that reoccurs on a set cadence, select Recurring

When does this cycle launch? 

Under this header you will specify when the new 1-on-1 cycle should launch. If your 1-on-1 will launch automatically based on hire date, select the number of days, weeks, or months, after the employee's hire date that the 1-on-1 should be created for that employee and their manager: 

For an Exit 1-on-1, select the number of days before (or after) the employee's exit date that the 1-on-1 should launch: 

If you selected Anniversary, there is nothing to update here; the 1-on-1 will launch automatically on the first day of the employee's anniversary month: 

If you selected Recurring, you'll select the date that the first instance of this cycle should launch as well as the time frame by which the future 1-on-1 cycles should launch. 

Directly below (still within the Notifications & Milestones Schedule section), you will adjust the due dates for employees and managers to share and finalize their portion of the 1-on-1 after the cycle has launched. Update the cycle lock date (the date after which neither employees nor managers can update their 1-on-1. Click Save and Continue to advance. 


In the participants section, you'll determine who should be invited to this 1-on-1. If you are creating a New Hire, Exit, or Anniversary automated 1-on-1, you will see a list of participants who would be invited to this 1-on-1 next (once you set this 1-on-1 to go live), as well as the date that they would be invited to take the 1-on-1. You can remove any of the upcoming participants by checking the box by their name and selecting Remove from Cycle

For recurring automated 1-on-1s, by default ALL employees who have a manager listed in Quantum Workplace will be invited to the 1-on-1. If you need to exclude certain populations from being invited to this 1-on-1, you'll need to use the Limit Users feature to specify who should not be invited.  

Once you enter specific demographic groups (e.g. departments) who should be invited to the 1-on-1, you will see the total number of users who will be invited to participate in the cycle. You can click View All Participants to download a spreadsheet of all employees who will be invited to this cycle. 

Click Save and Continue to advance to the final section. 

Only employees who have a manager listed in Quantum Workplace will be invited to participate in automated 1-on-1s.  Make sure that all employees who need to be invited to the 1-on-1 have a manager on file and that both the employee and manager have 1-on-1s enabled. 

Activation Settings

Under Activation Settings, you can click Enable Automation Now to set the 1-on-1 cycle to go live now. For Recurring 1-on-1s, this means that the first instance of the 1-on-1 will launch on the date and time you've selected. For all other automated 1-on-1s (New Hire, Exit, and Anniversary), the 1-on-1 will launch to the employees listed in the Participants section on the dates specified. 

If you're not ready to schedule the first 1-on-1 to launch, you can return to this 1-on-1 at any time to enable the automation. Or, click Schedule for Later to pick the first date that the 1-on-1 cycle should launch and to schedule an end date (if needed).