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How to Launch a Full Engagement Survey

Full Engagement Surveys are a great way to measure employee engagement and take advantage of Quantum Workplace's comprehensive analytics.

In this article:

Getting Started

To create a survey, navigate to Surveys & Pulses under Administration and click New Survey.


You will then be asked what kind of survey you want to create:

  • Single: For gathering important opinions in a one-time survey
  • Automated: Useful for recurring surveys like New Hire or Exit Surveys
  • Full Engagement: If you want to launch our comprehensive engagement survey

The rest of this guide covers the setup process for Full-Engagement surveys. Click for instructions on launching Automated and Single surveys. 

For this guide- select Full Engagement Survey and click Continue.

Selecting Your Template (Question Set)

On the next page, you will see our collection of Best Practice Templates (Question Sets) created by our team of Engagement experts. You have the following options:

  • Create Your Own Survey
    • Create question sets from scratch by clicking Create Your Own Survey in the top right corner


  • Using an Existing Template
    • Click any of the templates displayed here to preview the questions. If you want to use a particular template as a starting point for your survey, click on it and select Use This Template.
    • Note: The Annual Engagement template is recommended as it contains important Engagement Outcome questions. These questions provide an accurate snapshot of employee engagement at the time of the survey. While the question set can be customized- avoid removing questions marked as Engagement Outcomes to get the most of your analytics.



Survey Details

Once you have selected a template or clicked Create Your Own Survey, you will see the Survey Details screen:

survey creation-full eng

On this page you’ll enter a title for your survey under Survey name, the name entered will be what survey takers see in bell alerts and email notifications. In the About This Survey text box, you have the option to enter any context or instructions for your survey-takers to see.

The details page will list the Survey Type, which is determined by the survey template used to create the survey. For impromptu surveys, Survey Type will display, Pulse. For engagement surveys, the details page will note if the My Engagement Report (ME Report) is enabled or disabled.

Surveying in Multiple Languages

If your organization uses multiple languages in Quantum Workplace, you will see the option to specify which languages to offer this survey under the About This Survey text box.

Check the box next to each language that you would like added to your survey. Later in the set-up process, you will be prompted to add translations for these languages. 


Confidentiality Settings

At the bottom of this screen, you will specify whether the survey should be confidential or attributed. The default option is for the survey to be confidential.

 survey creation-full eng 2-2

To launch a confidential survey, keep the default option, "All responses and comments are confidential" selected. Under Responses Needed to Show Results, set the minimum number of survey responses needed to be able to view results.

Attributed surveys only: you will have the option to receive a raw export of your survey data and to view the responses of any individual survey taker within the Excel export.

To launch an attributed survey, you will need to decide:

  • Whether the survey itself should include a message for survey takers, that the survey is attributed, and their answers can be tied back to them
  • Whether no message appears on the survey

Good to Know:

For attributed surveys only, you have the option to enter the names of an Admin user who would receive an email notification anytime someone submits their survey. This is done by entering the admin’s name in the Send Email for a New Responses to field.

Especially helpful for New Hire and Exit Surveys and other low-volume surveys that occur over an extended period of time.


survey confidential 2-3

Action Planning

There is also the option to select the Enable Action Planning checkbox to take advantage of the Action Library during the survey-creation process. This helps to better strategize how you improve engagement while creating the survey, not after it launches. Click here to learn more about Action Planning.

survey creation-full eng 3

Click Next to advance.


On the Questions step, you will confirm or create the questions for your survey. 

If you selected a template to use for this survey, those questions will appear on this screen. You can edit or delete any of the questions by clicking the vertical ellipses on the right. 


Note: Underneath the questions, notice the text specifying whether the question is an Outcome Item, Benchmark,  Best Places to Work item, etc. 

You can also add questions to your survey by clicking Add Question from the panel on the left.

If you selected Create Your Own Survey rather than selecting a template, this screen will allow you to add/create all the questions for your survey.

questions 2 v2-1

Click Add from Library to add best practice questions from the Quantum Workplace Question Library to your survey.

Click Add Question to create your own question. You can create scaled, open-ended, single-choice multiple-choice, rank order, and NPS questions.  Click here for more detailed instructions on how to create survey questions. 

Note: Questions created via the Add Custom Question will not provide benchmark or trending data. To take advantage of Quantum Workplace's data analytics, add survey questions using the Add from Library option. 

Once you have finished adding or editing your questions, click Next to advance to the next page. 


On the Participants screen, you will specify who should be invited to take your survey.


Who Will Take This Survey?

In the first panel on this screen, you'll specify whether the survey is for one or a combination of the following options:

  • Your employees
  • Individuals outside of your organization
  • Any individuals with the survey link


Invite Employees

If you leave the box next to Employees selected, from the second panel you will specify which employees should be invited to take the survey. Click Select Employees to add specific users or add users by demographic.


When adding survey participants:

  • Filter: narrow available survey participants by the appropriate demographic
  • Hire Date: narrow available survey participants by employees who were hired before or after a hire date of your choosing
  • Active Employees: narrow available survey participants by active/inactive status

After narrowing your list of survey participants, click the   drop-down arrow and click Select all Employees to include all listed employees in your survey.

You can also use the search function to specify participants via email addresses, usernames and employee IDs. Search for multiple individuals by separating each term with a comma. 


Or click Add by Email Address to either upload or paste in the email addresses of employees who should be invited to take the survey: 



How Will Employees Access the Survey?

Under this heading,  decide how employees access their surveys:

  • Email with a unique link
  • Email with a unique link or an employee ID
    • In addition to the unique link, survey-takers can use their employee IDs as a password to access the survey. This will be the employee ID given to them by the employee's organization. 
  • Email with a unique link or a unique code generated by our system
    • In addition to the unique link, survey-takers are given user-specific codes that act as a password for the survey. Click here to learn more.


Note: If you only see the option for employees to receive the unique link in their email and you want employees to be able to take the survey via Employee ID or a unique code,  contact your Customer Success Manager for assistance.


If you select the box next to Manually Invite Participants, you will be able to upload or copy/paste in the email addresses of anyone who should be invited to take your survey.

Note: Focused Admins will not be able to view survey results for anyone who takes the survey outside of their Administration scope, so they will not be able to see responses for non-employee users.


If you select the box next to Public Link, the system will generate a public link that anyone can use to complete the surveyYou will not be able to see the identities or demographic data for any survey respondent who completes the survey via the public link. 

In addition, only Top-Level Admins (Full Admins) will be able to view survey results for anyone who submits the survey using the public link. Focused Admins will not be able to view survey results for anyone who takes the survey using the public survey link, because our system cannot discern whether that survey taker is an employee within their scope of administration. 


Click Next to advance to the next screen. 


From the screen, you'll select the date that your survey should launch (open), the dates that any reminder emails should be sent, and the dates that the survey should close. You can delete or add reminder emails to specify how many reminder emails you want for this survey. You'll also be able to add a message to the body of the Invitation and Reminder emails that your survey takers will receive. 

Note: By default, all times are listed in the time zone set by the company. To learn how to change your time zone, click here.


Click into any of the Date and Time fields under Open DateReminder Date, or Close Date and use the calendar to select the time and date you would like to use. 


The Reminders section refers to the dates email reminders are sent, prompting employees who haven't taken the survey yet, to do so. To remove a Reminder, click Delete Reminder. To add a reminder, click Add Reminder

You can customize the body of each email message by editing the text under Reminder Message.


Once you have specified the dates for your survey and edited the invitation and reminder messages as needed, click Next to advance.


If you specified that this survey be offered in another language, besides English, you will see a Languages section following the Schedule screen. (If you are only surveying in English, you will see the Review screen instead of this page.)

From this screen, you will enter translations for the title of your survey, the About This Survey or Description text, every question on the survey, and the text of the invitation and reminder emails. 

Question translations can be entered either in bulk, or question-by-question.

To enter or edit translations in bulk- while on the Languages page, click Bulk Import in the Languages card. 

eng bulk import button

eng bulk import button v2

In the modal pop-up, click questions file to download an Excel file with your survey questions in English and an empty column for the translations. In this file, enter your translations for each question in the empty column as they should appear in the survey.

After entering the translations for each of your questions, save the file. In the modal, click Choose File to import your translations before clicking Upload File to finalize your translations. 

excel file button

Alternatively, you edit and enter translations for survey names and questions individually. Simply enter the translation for the corresponding question and click Save for each question to finalize your translations. 

individ translations-1

Click Next after you have added all translations for both your survey questions and emails. 

Test and Review

From the Test and Review screen, you can review all the key details about your survey and send a test survey invitation or test reminder email that includes a preview of the survey to anyone in your organization. 

Click Send Test Survey to send a survey preview to anyone in your organization.


In the window that appears, type the name of any colleagues you would like to send a test survey preview to. Your colleagues will be able to go through the survey preview but will not be able to submit their responses and will not impact your survey data.

If you would like your colleagues to receive a test reminder email in addition to the invitation email, check the box next to the reminder email(s) that you would like to send. The test reminder emails will also include a link to the survey preview. Then, click the Send Test button to send. 

At the bottom of the screen, click View Participants to view a list of everyone invited to take the survey.


If you specified, on the Participants page, that your employees should be able to take the survey by entering their Employee ID or a unique code generated by our system, you will be able to download a PDF with every survey taker's employee ID or their unique code by clicking Download Invitation PDF. 


test&review 1 v2-1

This PDF will include both the URL (landing page) for the survey that survey takers will need to visit as well as their employee ID or unique code that they will need to enter in order to take the survey. 

test&review 2

Click Copy Participant Link to copy the URL for the landing page that survey takers will need to visit in order to take the survey. This link can be shared broadly or posted to an intranet since survey-takers will still need to enter their employee ID or unique code in order to complete the survey. 

If you specified that there should be a public link option for this survey, click Copy Public Link to copy the URL that you will share with survey-takers.


If you need to make edits to any details, click the Back button. To schedule your survey, click Schedule Launch and then confirm that you want to Schedule Launch from the pop-up window that appears. 

You can still make changes to the survey before it launches by returning to this setup wizard.