How to Give Feedback Anytime


Overview of "Give Feedback" Feature

Give Feedback allows employees to provide feedback to anyone on the team at any time.  Feedback is most valuable when received as close as possible to the topic or incident to which it's related.  When feedback is continuous, everyone is encouraged to think about growth and development at all times, not just ahead of the annual review.

Things to know when you  Give Feedback Anytime:

  • Confidentiality: When you "Give Feedback", your feedback will be attributed to you directly; it will not be confidential. We believe attributed feedback leads to better feedback.
  • Visibility: When you "Give Feedback", your feedback will be Visible to the recipient, their upline managers and administrators.
  • Comments: When you "Give Feedback", the recipient can reply directly to your feedback. This allows them to ask for clarification or offer insight into variables you might not know about. 

How to Give Feedback Anytime

  1. Navigate to Feedback in the top navigation ribbon.
  2. Click the Give Feedback button in the upper-right corner of the screen.  (Note: If this feature is turned off, you will not see the "Give Feedback" button. If you'd like to get this feature turned on, reach out to your client admin. If you're not sure who that is, reach out to us.)
  3. Type the recipient's name. You can search by first name, last name or title. Select the person from the list of people shown in the drop down. (Note: this feature limits you to giving feedback to 1 person at a time.)
  4. Enter a Subject for the feedback. It could be related to a project, a time-frame or a recent experience.  This helps the recipient quickly understand what the feedback is about.
  5. Select a Template.  This option will only appear if your organization has more than one template set up for Give Feedback.
  6. Click Launch Feedback. 
  7. Type in your feedback and select Submit when you're finished.