How to Export Recognition

As an admin or manager, export Recognition data as PDF or XLS files.

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As an admin or a manager, export Recognition data as PDF or XLS files. 

The PDF export presents the information in the Recognition report as a PDF file.

The XLS export contains more information, i.e. details on the Recognition provider/recipient, comments, and reactions.

Learn how to use Recognition.


  • Available to admins and managers
  • Available to organizations with Recognition enabled

How to Export Recognition

To export Recognition data:

  1. Click and expand Analytics in the left-hand navigation menu
  2. Click Recognition
  3. As an admin, specify your view mode as either an admin, Admin Access, or as a manager, Downline (Figure A)
    • Non-admin managers do not see the View Mode option and default to seeing Recognition data for their downline
  4. Apply any filters, i.e. Filter by User, User Demographics, etc. in the left-hand Filters card and click Apply (Figure B)
  5. Click Export to PDF or Export to XLS (Figure C)
    • If you click Export to XLS, a new card titled, Recent Exports, appears under the Filters card; Click Download File to access the XLS export