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How to Export 1-on-1 Responses from a Cycle

Admins can enable the ability to export all 1-on-1 responses that have been saved as a draft OR shared for any given cycle

Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable this option for your organization. Once enabled, all Admins within your organization will be able to export 1-on-1 responses within a cycle that have either been saved as a draft or shared. 


Admins  can contact their Customer Success Manager to enable an additional 1-on-1s export option to supplement the export available in Analytics. This optional function allows Admin users to export responses that are part of a specific 1-on-1 cycle, including responses that are saved as a draft and responses that have been shared. Admins are able to decide whether they prefer to export ALL responses included in a 1-on-1 cycle or only responses to specific questions. Admins can decide to export responses from "Facilitators" (e.g. managers), Employees, or both groups in a cycle.  

How to Export Responses

This optional export lives within the cycle set up for each 1-on-1 cycle. Navigate to 1-on-1s Administration and click Edit next to the specific cycle for which you would like to export responses.


From the top right corner of the screen, click Export Responses to Excel


Select Template (If Applicable)

If your 1-on-1 cycle utilizes multiple templates, you will be prompted to select which template you would like to export results for, as you can only export results for one template at a time. If your 1-on-1 cycle only utilizes one template, you will be taken directly to the Add Questions selection box below. 

Add Questions

From the following screen, you will select which questions you would like to export responses to. Check the box next to each question you would like to include in the export, or select the top box in order to select all questions. 

Whose answers would you like to include? 

From this screen, specify whether you would like to export responses answered by all users answering the facilitator topics (e.g. managers) in the cycle, all employees in the cycle, or both.

Select Demographic

From the next screen, check the box next to any employee demographic that you would like to include in the export. By default, the export will include the responses to the questions that you indicated should be included in the export as well as the username and employee ID for every participant in the export, whether their employee status is active or inactive, and whether their 1-on-1 has been shared or saved as a draft. 1-on-1s that have been shared will be labeled "Done" while 1-on-1s that have only been saved as a draft will be labeled "Not Done".

Once you have selected all demographics you would like to include in the export, click Export. 

Once your file loads, it will be available on the right side of your screen under Recent Downloads. Click Download File to export your data.