How to Export 1-on-1s

Admins can enable the ability to export all 1-on-1 responses that have been saved as a draft or shared for any given cycle

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Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable 1-on-1 exports for your organization.

Once enabled, all admins within your organization can export 1-on-1 responses for a cycle that's been shared or saved as a draft. 


Exporting 1-on-1s allows admins to export and download the responses that have been shared or saved as a draft for 1-on-1 cycles. 

Admins are able to decide whether they prefer to export all responses included in a 1-on-1 cycle or only responses to specific questions. Admins can decide to export responses from Facilitators (e.g. managers), Employees, or both groups in a cycle.  

How to Export Responses

This optional export lives within the 1-on-1 cycle's setup page. 

To export 1-on-1 responses: 

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  1. Click and expand Administration in the left-hand navigation menu
  2. Click 1-on-1s
  3. Click either Single  Cycles or Automated Cycles 
  4. Click the 1-on-1 cycle
  5. From the 1-on-1 setup page, click Advanced in the top-right
  6. Click Export Data
  7. If the cycle uses more than one template, select which template's data to export, click Next
    1. If the cycle only uses one template, you'll be navigated to Step 8
  8. Select the questions that should have their responses exported, click Next
  9. Select to export responses from the employee, the facilitator, or both, click Next
  10. Optionally, select which demographics to include in the export
    1. By default, username, employee ID, and employee status demographics are included in the export 
  11. Access the export file from the Recent Downloads card that appears on the page