How to Edit a Goal

Goal owners can edit their open goals from the individual goal page. You can edit any of the following details about the goal by clicking on the relevant field. 

Goal contributors cannot edit the goal; they can only update the goal (e.g. mark the progress that has been made on the goal's key results). 

  1. The Goal Name
  2. The Description

  3. The Goal Type (development, personal, team, or organizational)
  4. Whether the goal is public or private
  5. The Due Date

  6. Key Results
    To edit a key result, hover over it until the Settings icon appears.

    Click the Settings icon and select Edit Name & Progress Type to update the key result, or Delete Key Result to remove it from the goal.

7. People

You can add any other coworkers as contributors or followers to your goal. Click the plus sign next to Contributors or Followers and type in the name of your coworker(s) to add them to the goal. Or, click the drop-down arrow next to a coworker's name and select Remove from Goal to remove them. 

The Goal Owner and any Goal Contributors can update the progress on the goal at any time.