How to Edit a Goal

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Start & Due Dates
Key Results
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Goal Owners can edit their in-progress goals from the goal detail page.  You can edit any of the following details about the goal by clicking directly on the field or aspect of the goal that you would like to edit.

Goal Contributors cannot edit the goal; they can only update the goal's Key Results.  

To edit aspects of your goal, navigate to the Goal Details page by clicking Goals in the left-hand sidebar and selecting the goal you're going to edit. This will take you to the Goal Details page.

The rest of this document will walk you through all of the significant edits you, as an Admin, can make to the goal. 

Goal Name

Edit the name of your goal by clicking the edit icon to the right of your goal's current name.


Goal Description

Similar to editing a goal name, click the edit icon to the right of your current goal description to make your edits.


Clicking edit to expand a text field where you can enter a new description or edit the existing description. You can also add Goal Tags for added visibility and searchability. 


Click Save to finalize your edit.

Goal Type: Development, Personal, Team or Organizational

Underneath the Title and Description, there is a row of options consisting of Type, Privacy and When. These are additional details about your goal that can be edited.

Clicking Type expands a dropdown with the different goal types and their descriptions. Click the goal type that is relevant to your goal to make the change. 

Please note: clicking the Team Goal type will add the Members section in the same row. Clicking this allows you to edit who is involved in this goal and what their goal permissions are, i.e. post updates, add users, view goal, etc. 


Goal Privacy

Click the current Privacy setting to expand a dropdown and choose whether your goal is Public or Restricted to goal participants, managers and administrators. 


Goal Start & Due Date

There are two ways to edit the due dates. If you want to change only the goal due date, to the right of the Goal Progress graph, click the edit icon in the x Days until due area. Enter the new due date and click Save. This allows you to change the due date or even clear the due date.

To quickly edit both, the start and due date, click the dates under the When. In the modal enter the new start and due dates and click Save. 


Key Results

To edit Key Results, find your Key Results on the right-hand side. To edit a specific key result, click theicon, and Edit Settings from the dropdown. 

You can also rearrange the order of the Key Results by clicking the ⋮⋮ icon and dragging them into the desired order. 16-1


After clicking Edit Settings, you can edit the key result itself, start and target values, and the unit. The Unit dropdown consists of Percentage, Numerical, Dollars and a binary Complete/Incomplete. 

When you're satisfied with your edits, click Done to finalize your changes. 


Goal Contributors and Followers

You can add other colleagues as contributors or followers to any goal. To the right of the headers, Contributors and Followers, click the + icon to add a colleague as either a Contributor or Follower. 


Clicking the icon opens a search bar where you can enter the name of a colleague. After clicking the name of the colleague you wish added, click Add to finalize your change. To remove a colleague from a goal, click the ⋮ icon and then Remove.

Please note: Goal Owners and Contributors can update goal progress at any time.


Goal Alignment

Aligning goals is a useful way to connect your goal's progress and impact with other goals created within your organization.

For example, in the image below, notice the position of the goal, Accelerate recurring revenue growth this quarter. It's positioned below a larger goal because its progress directly feeds into the progress of the larger goal, Achieve $150 million. Vice versa, the goals below the current goal directly impact your goal's overall progress. 

You can edit which larger goal your goal is aligned with by clicking the edit icon. Keep in mind, you can only be aligned with one other goal.