How to Duplicate a Goal

You can duplicate any goal you have visibility into and assign the copied goal to yourself or someone else. 

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Goals can be duplicated if you have visibility into the goal. You do not need to be the Goal Owner or Contributor to duplicate the goal. 

How to Duplicate a Goal 

To duplicate a goal from the Goals home page: 

  1. Click and open the goal to navigate to the Goal Details page
  2. Click and expand the More Options drop-down menu 
  3. Click Duplicate Goal 
  4. Configure the details of the new duplicate goal

    • By default, you are the Goal Owner, click the associated x and enter the name of the new Goal Owner 
  5. Click Create Draft

Duplicated goals are initially created as a draft goal. To publish and launch a goal, click Launch Goal from the Goal Details page. 

Advanced Options 

Click Advanced Options to expand additional options when creating the draft goal:

  • Goal Tags: Add/remove the Goal Tags associated with the goal, learn more about Goal Tags
  • Key Results: Specify if the original goal's progress should be carried over to the duplicated goal, or if goal progress should be reset to zero
  • Alignment: Specify if the duplicated goal should carry over the aligned goals, or if the aligned goal should be removed, learn more about Goal Alignments