How to Deactivate a User

As an admin, you can deactivate an employee who has been terminated.

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If your organization doesn't use an HRIS integration with Quantum Workplace, terminated employees will have to be deleted from the platform manually. 

Admins can deactivate a user via the User Management page. 

The terms deactivated and inactive both mean the same thing in Quantum Workplace- meaning they're no longer active in the platform. 

Deactivating Users via User Management

To deactivate a user from the User Management page- click and expand Administration, then click Users. 

Use the Search by User field to search for the now-inactive employee, and click the corresponding Edit button to navigate to the user's page. 


From the user's page, make the following updates to the user's profile:

  • A: User Status: Select the Inactive option
  • B: Exit Date: Click the field and enter the employee's exit date

Click Save at the bottom of the page to update the employee's Inactive/Deactivated status.