How to Customize Candidate Readiness Levels

Customize candidate readiness levels to make sense for your organization.

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Each organization prepares and measures succession candidates differently. Succession Planning allows you to customize the various readiness levels of a candidate in a way that makes sense to your organization. 

By default, the readiness levels are organized by a Ready in x Months format. These readiness levels can be easily updated to reflect different time intervals or edited to a different format altogether, i.e. time, competency, etc.

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How to Customize Readiness Levels

To customize your organization's readiness levels, begin by navigating to the Readiness Levels page:

  1. Navigate to Succession Planning under Analytics in the left-hand navigation menu
  2. Click and expand Manage in the top-right
  3. Click Readiness Levels 

On the Readiness Levels page, you'll see the default readiness labels in descending order, from Ready Now to On the Radar. 

  • A: Click & drag the icon to rearrange the readiness levels to the desired order
  • B: Click the Edit icon to change the title of the readiness levels to fit your organization
  • C: Click New Readiness Level to add a new readiness level with a title of your choosing