How to Create Your Own 1-on-1 Templates

Employees can create their own 1-on-1 templates that they can use when initiating 1-on-1 conversations.


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As an employee or manager using Quantum Workplace, you can create your own templates, or question sets, to use for your 1-on-1 conversations. Creating a template allows you to write a specific set of questions that you and another person should answer as part of your 1-on-1 conversation. Once you create a template, you can re-use it as many times as you want to for a 1-on-1 with a coworker. 

Within 1-on-1s in Quantum Workplace you will see a link to access Your Templates in the top right corner next to Start New 1-on-1. Click Your Templates to view, create, and manage your 1-on-1 templates. 


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Note: Admin users can create an organization template that can be made available to everyone in the organization or specific users and departments only. Click for instructions on how to create 1-on-1 templates for Admin users.

How to Create your own Template

Clicking Your Templates will take you to the following screen. To create your own template (question set) for a 1-on-1 from scratch, click Create your new template.  

In the modal that appears, you will be prompted to enter a title for your 1-on-1 template. Enter a title for your future reference and click Save and Continue


From the following screen, you will add the questions that you would like you and your 1-on-1 partner to answer. Click the plus sign followed by Add Question to add questions to your 1-on-1. Click Add a Section to add a header to your 1-on-1. Or, click the rocket ship icon to add either the Feedback or Goal Conversation Booster into your 1-on-1 template. 

When you first click Add Question, you will be prompted to select the type of question you are creating. Select Open Ended to create a "free response" question where both you and your 1-on-1 partner will type in your response to the prompt. To create a Yes/No or multiple choice question, select Multichoice

For each 1-on-1 question you create, you will decide whether both participants in the 1-on-1 should answer the question, or if only the "Employee" or "Facilitator" should answer a particular question. 

For 1-on-1 conversations that you launch with one of your direct reports, you will answer the "Facilitator" questions, and for 1-on-1s that you launch with your manager, you will answer the "Employee" questions. If you have the ability to launch a 1-on-1 with anyone in your organization, you will be able to decide who should answer the "Employee" or "Facilitator" questions when you are setting up your 1-on-1. 

Once you have added the text of the question, click Add. 

You can browse best practice questions to add to your template by clicking Add from Library once you have selected a question type.


If you would like to add goals that you're working on or feedback that you've received into your 1-on-1 to discuss with your manager, click the Rocket icon to add in either the Goal Review or Feedback Booster. 

When you have finished adding your questions, click Finalize and Activate in the top right corner to make this template available to you to use for future 1-on-1s. 


How to Adapt a Template from an Organization Template

You can also click the Organization Templates tab to view current templates that your HR team has created for you that are available to use for your 1-on-1s. You can copy any of these existing templates to use them as a starting point to develop your own template. Click Preview to view all of the questions on a given template. Click Copy to use that template as a starting point for a new template. 


Once you click Copy, you will be prompted to choose a name for the new template you're creating. Enter your new template name and click Save


Next to any existing question on the template, you can click the edit (pencil and paper) icon to edit that question.


To add your own questions to this template, scroll down to the bottom of the template and click the plus sign followed by Add Question.  Once you have finished editing the template to create your new version, click Finalize & Activate to make this template available to you to use for future 1-on-1s.


Launching a 1-on-1 using Your Template

Once you have activated your 1-on-1 template by clicking Finalize & Activate, it will be available for you to choose from when you initiate a 1-on-1 with a colleague

Your new template will appear in the Select a Template drop-down menu under the new column Your Template(s). Click on the template to add it to your 1-on-1.