How to Create a Survey Template

Learn how to create, manage, and use custom survey templates.

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When you launch a survey in Quantum Workplace, you can use or modify Quantum Workplace's best-practice templates, or create your own questions altogether.  

Survey questions and templates can be created/ edited during the survey setup process, learn more.

Alternatively, as this article covers, you can create a question template in advance for future surveys. 

Create a Survey Template

To create a survey template: 

  1. Click and expand Administration in the left-hand navigation menu
  2. Click Surveys & Pulses
  3. Click and navigate to the Templates tab
  4. Click New Template
  5. In the New Pulse Template modal, enter a title and click Save and Continue

The use of special characters in the survey title can affect survey exports, learn more about which characters are compatible with successful exports.

This will navigate you to the survey template creator: 

  • A. Preview & Finalize Template: 
    • Click Preview Template to view the survey from the participant's point-of-view
    • Click Finalize & Activate to complete and launch the survey template for survey use
  • B. Template Settings: Configure template settings
    • Template Name: Edit the template's name
    • Can be used by: Specify who can use the template
    • Language: Optionally, specify if additional languages should be included
  • C. Add New Question or Section: Click the icon to add a new question or section
  • D. New Question: Configure the new question and its settings

Create a New Question 

The following is a more detailed guide to creating new questions:

  • A. Question Type: Click on the drop-down to select the question type, learn more about the question types available
  • B. Required Toggle: Enable/disable whether a response is necessary to submit the survey
  • C. Question Text: Enter the question text as it will appear to survey participants 
    • Add from Library: Click to take advantage of Quantum Workplace's Best Practice questions
    • [x]:  Use this drop-down if the employee's name, e.g. Full, First, Last, should appear dynamically in the question
  • D. Question Rule: Click Add a Demographic Rule to create question-specific rules, common use cases include:

    • Presenting a question to specific departments
    • Depending on a question's response, present a unique follow-up question

Click Add to include the question in the template.

Repeat and add as many questions as necessary. Once all of the desired questions are included and configured, click Finalize & Activate to launch the template and make it available for use. 

Manage a Survey Template

Once a survey template is finalized and activated, it's available to use when launching a survey. 

To edit or manage a launched template:

  1. Click and expand Administration in the left-hand navigation menu 
  2. Click Surveys & Pulses 
  3. Click and navigate to the Templates tab
  4. Click any of the template's associated actions, i.e. preview, edit, delete, copy

Use a Survey Template with a Survey

To use a template created by yourself or a colleague with a survey: 

  1. Click and expand Administration in the left-hand navigation menu 
  2. Click Surveys & Pulses 
  3. Click New Survey 
  4. Click and navigate to the [Your Organization] Templates tab
  5. Select the template to proceed to the survey creator