How to Launch a Pulse Survey

As an Admin, you can send out a Pulse Survey to any subset of your employees, your entire organization, or even people outside your organization.

This guide contains instructions on how to launch a survey using the original survey creator. Click here for instructions if your organization is using the new survey creator

To begin setting up your Pulse Survey, navigate to the Surveys & Pulses page in Administration and click New Survey. 
Click New Survey Surveys & Pulses Admin

Selecting Your Template (Question Set)

 Once you click New Survey, you will see a collection of best practice survey templates created by our team of Engagement experts. You can click on any template to use it for your survey.  Or, to access a template that you have previously created, click the tab titled  [Your Company Name] Templates.

If you want to create your own questions for a survey without using a pre-existing template, click Create Your Own Survey in the top right corner to proceed to the Cycle Setup. 

Select the template that you would like to use: 

A preview screen will display the questions on this template. Click Use this template to continue.

Cycle Set Up

Once you've selected your template, you'll see the following screen: 

1.Schedule:  Keep the Survey set to Single unless you want to set the survey to go out on a recurring basis or create a New Hire or Exit Survey

2. Survey Name: Add a title for your survey.

Note: The Survey Name will appear on the top of the survey that your employees take and in the invitation and reminder emails your employees receive about the survey.

3. About This Survey: In this field you can choose to provide additional information or instructions about the survey if you would like to add information to the email communications and the survey itself. Select the radio button Use About This Survey in email body to pull this text into your emails. Or, select the radio button Write my own message to add a message to add to the body of your Invitation and Reminder emails. 
About This Survey Custom Message option

4. Manager Analytics: For automated surveys only, if you want managers to view analytics for their down line reports, check the box next to Allow managers to access analytics for their hierarchy.

For single (one time) surveys, you will not see the checkbox to enable Manager Analytics here. You will have the option to enable Manager Analytics from within your Survey Analytics. 


Advanced Options: 
On the right side under Advanced Options, make the following decisions: 
Advanced Options

5. Confidentiality: Choose whether the survey will be confidential or attributed. If it's confidential, set a minimum number of responses need to reveal results.

Critical Note: Once your survey has launched you can NOT change your survey from confidential to attributed or vice versa. Once your survey has launched, you cannot lower your minimum response threshold. 

6. Send email for new responses to: For attributed surveys only, you can choose to enter your email address (or a colleague's) in order to receive an alert when someone completes the survey.

7. Survey Access: Select how your employees will access and take the survey. If your employees have email addresses on file, leave this set to Email. If some of your employees do not have email, they will need to either enter their employee ID or enter a code generated by our system to take the survey (you will be able to download these codes in Step 3: Respondents). 

Once you're finished entering the above information, click Save and Continue

Review Questions

The resulting screen will display all survey questions from the template you've created or added. Scroll down and select Save and Continue. 



In the Respondents section, you'll decide who should be invited to take the survey. 

To invite your employees to take the Survey:

Click Add Respondents. From here, you can invite specific individual employees, all employees, or all managers to take the survey.

You can use the People Search and Filter by demographic functions on the right side to search for a particular employee or department to add to the survey, or you can Select All to add all employees to the survey. Click the Add People button in the bottom right corner and then click All Done to advance.
Add respondents to Pulse-1

PRO TIP: If you want to invite employees to take a Pulse Survey by adding their email addresses, click Advanced under the Filter by demographics header in the Respondents section to paste in employee email addresses to invite them to take the survey. 

To invite people outside your company to take the survey: 

Click the Import Respondents button. Then, paste in the email addresses of anyone you would like to invite to take your survey. Click Import to save. 

Set Survey Dates and Launch

The Set Schedule & Milestones section is where you select the dates for your survey and schedule the launch. 

Cycle Launches: Set the date and time you would like the survey to officially open; if your employees have email addresses, this is the approximate time that emails invitations will be sent to them. Please note that our software may send email invitations to your employees in batches (waves) and that the time you select is approximate.  Set Schedule and Milestones TOD for Reminder

Select the dates and times of day that you would like reminder emails to be sent to employees who have not yet created the survey. Or, click the X to remove the reminder email. 

Cycle Lock Date: Set the close date for the survey (the date on which people are no longer able to take the survey.)

You can edit the launch date and time, the reminder dates (including the number of reminders), and the cycle lock date and time at any point before those dates occur. 


Finally, click Save and Continue and then click Launch (if you have set your survey to launch immediately) or Schedule Launch.