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How to Clone a Survey

As an Admin, clone a survey to replicate its content and preferences and launch a new survey.

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Cloning a survey is an easy way to replicate a past survey you found effective. 

Cloned surveys will retain the questions, messaging, participants and distribution preferences of the original survey. You will also have the chance to edit the cloned survey to tweak smaller details before launching it. 

This is a helpful feature for non-recurring pulse survey situations. If you are looking for information on automated surveys and whether or not that might be a better fit for your needs, click here

How to Clone a Survey

To begin, click Survey & Pulses under the Administration drop-down in the left-hand navigation menu. 

From the Survey & Pulses page, identify the survey to be cloned.  At the end of the identified survey's row, click the icon and click Copy from the drop-down. 


This will open a modal where you can rename the survey.

Under Copy survey participants?  you can choose to copy the available survey participants from the original survey by selecting or deselecting the ☐ icon.

Click Create Draft to proceed to the survey creation process.


This will take you to the first page of the survey creation process. At this point, you'll navigate through the survey creator as you normally would, making any necessary edits before clicking Schedule Launch to finalize and launch your new cloned survey.