How to Bulk-Upload Users

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Learn how to add and edit user information in-bulk via User File CSV files. Make large updates to your employee's information reliably by bulk-uploading User Files. 

Accessing the User Import

To access the User Import feature, click and expand the Administration drop-down menu, then click Users to navigate to the User Management page. 

From the User Management page, you can perform several actions:

  1. Export: Click to export your organization’s current User File 
  2. Import: Click to upload your User File and view Import History 

Updating the User File 

Access your current User File by clicking Import to download your organization’s current User File. Click Current User File, then click the downloaded file from your browser to open the User File. 


Open the Excel spreadsheet and make the desired updates. The following are some helpful notes:

  • When importing new information, you only need to include the relevant demographic(s) and the user's Employee ID and Username
  • When updating an existing user's information, the update must include either their Employee ID or Username in the file

Once the User File is up-to-date, save the file in CSV format.

Importing the User File 

To upload a CSV file with new or updated user information, drag the file into the upload window. Alternatively, click the upload window and select the CSV file from your computer's files. 

This will take you to the Demographic Mapping page where you check and verify the User File. 

Demographic Mapping

After uploading the User File into Quantum Workplace, you’ll come to the Demographic Mapping page. Here, you will verify that demographics have been carried over accurately. 

  1. Settings: Choose to enable or disable these settings
  2. Demographic Mapping: Use this table to verify that the demographics in the header match the demographics in each corresponding column

  3. Date & Active Status Format: Enter the default date format and values associated with an 'active' employee

After making any necessary updates, click Review & Confirm Import to proceed in the import process. Otherwise, you can click Save Draft Mapping to exit and resume at a later date. 

When the import is completed, the number of new users and total users will be displayed. If the information is correct, finalize the import by clicking Yes, Confirm Changes. 


On the Demographic Mapping page, you have two options you can enable or disable.

  • First row contains column heading: Check this box if the first row of your User File contains the column headings, i.e. FirstName, LastName, etc. 
  • Send welcome email to newly created users: If checked- when an updated User File contains new users, the platform will automatically send a welcome email to the new user’s email address. 

Demographic Mapping

Each cell in the top row of the table contains a drop-down with each demographic as an option. Scroll horizontally and verify that the demographics match. If a demographic does not match, use the drop-down to select the correct demographic. 

If don't see a demographic in the table, check that it's been added to Quantum Workplace via General Settings under Administration. 

Date & Active Status Format

For updates to your User File, it’s important to establish a default format for dates and active statuses for consistent and reliable updates.


For the Date of Birth, Hire Date and Term Date cards, enter the “Null” format for consistent demographic mapping and future updates. For example, the date format, MM/DD/YYYY, would be entered as 00/00/0000.

The “Null” format reflects your organization’s default date format and is to be used for future updates.

For the Active Status card, enter all of the values your organization uses for any active employee. While values can vary by organization, common Active Status values include; True, Active, OnLeave, etc. 

Exporting the User File 

To export a User File, navigate to the User Management page and click Export along the top. 


When the export file has been processed, click Download Export. The file will now be downloaded to your device and accessible to you.