How to Assign Users to an Action Plan

As an admin, empower your employees to act on survey results with Action Plan Assignments.

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As an admin, assign a user to an Action Plan as an Owner, Contributor, or Viewer according to specific branches of the Manager Org Tree or an existing custom org tree.

To foster collaboration and teamwork in completing Action Plans, both Owners and Contributors share the same abilities in completing and managing Action Items. Nonetheless, the Action Plan Owner is ultimately accountable for the Action Plan's progress.

Viewers have visibility into the Action Plan but can not make any edits.

Learn more about Action Planning.


  • Available to admins and survey-admin users
  • Users must have the Action Planning permission enabled, learn more

How to Assign a User to an Action Plan

As an admin, to assign a user to an Action Plan:

  1. From the survey's Action Plan tab, click Access Settings (Figure A) or Manage Plan Users (Figure B) to navigate to the Access Settings menu
  2. Click on the Manager Org Tree or custom org tree you'd like to use
  3. Identify the branch where the user should be assigned and click the branch's corresponding Edit icon

  4. In the Manage Access to [Branch] modal, enter and click the user's name in the search bar (Figure A) then specify the user's assignment via the drop-down menu (Figure B)

    • The selected Role for a user must have Action Planning enabled, learn more
  5. Click Save

All Results

All Results refer to an action plan at the organizational level.

The action plan at this level is managed by the Action Plan Owner of the All Respondents assignment.

How to Enable Action Planning Permission for a Role

For a user to be assigned to an Action Plan, their role must have Action Planning enabled. 

As an admin, to enable Action Planning for a role:

  1. From the survey's analytics, click Access Settings
  2. Click and navigate to the Access Roles tab
  3. Click an existing Role or click + Add Role 
  4. Click and enable Assign Access for Reporting Access to expand a menu (Figure A)
  5. Verify or configure the role's Date of Access and Time of Access if you're verifying or creating a new role, respectively (Figure B)
  6. Verify or click Action Planning (Figure C)
  7. Click Save