How to Give your Colleagues Access to Survey Analytics



This guide outlines the two options for assigning access to survey results to non-Admin users within the Surveys & Pulses tool in Quantum Workplace. As a top-level Admin of Quantum Workplace, there are two types of access that you can assign to your employees: Manager Access and Analyst Access. Manager Analytics provides a limited view into survey results for a particular team or particular individual's downline and is our recommended level of access for anyone who manages a team. Making someone an Analyst gives them complete visibility into the results of that survey. 

Both of these permissions are managed on a survey by survey basis; giving a user access to a survey only gives them visibility into the results for that survey. 

Note: Top-Level Admins automatically receive complete visibility into every survey, and Focused Admins automatically receive visibility into survey results for everyone in their Administration scope. 


Manager Access

Manager level access is designed  to give managers a clear understanding of their team's results without overwhelming them with data. When you enable manager access for your organization, managers will receive visibility into the survey results for their full downline, as long as the minimum threshold for the survey was met (in the case of confidential surveys). In addition, if your organization utilizes a custom org tree, you can give managers visibility into the specific departments, functions, locations, or other groups included in your org tree.  

Manager level access includes access to the Overview report, Results (all scaled agreement, multi-choice/single-choice, and rank items), the Categories report, and the Response Rate for their downline or level of the organization only.  Admins can decide whether their managers should also receive access to their team's Comments report, which shows all open-ended responses and comments left by their team, and the Heat Map report. 

Click here for instructions on how to set up manager access.


Analyst Access

If a non-Admin needs complete visibility into the results of a survey, you can assign them Analyst access to that survey. Analysts have complete visibility into the results of a survey for the entire organization.  Click here for instructions on how to give someone Analyst access to a survey