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The 1-on-1s Approval Process

You can require that managers submit their responses for approval as part of a cycle in order to allow Admins and upline to review responses before the employee sees them.

In This Article:
How to Set up your 1-on-1s Cycle to Require Approval
How to Review Facilitators' Responses
How Facilitators Resubmit Responses
How to Approve all 1-on-1s that have been Submitted for Approval


When you set up a 1-on-1 cycle, you can require that managers submit their responses to the 1-on-1 for approval before those responses are shared with the employee. This option allows for additional oversight into important and sensitive 1-on-1 conversations, such as performance reviews. 

When you specify that managers must submit their 1-on-1 responses for approval for a given cycle, all users answering the facilitator topics in a 1-on-1 cycle will submit their 1-on-1s for approval instead of sharing their responses with their employees. Admin users (and users upline to the facilitator, if applicable) will be able to review the submissions and decide whether 1-on-1 responses should be shared with the employee or sent back to the facilitator with suggestions for edits. 

By default, once a manager's 1-on-1 responses are approved, they will become visible to the employee. Contact your CSM if you would prefer not to have approved responses become automatically visible to the employee.


How to Set Up your 1-on-1s Cycle for Approval

When you set up your 1-on-1 cycle, you will need to specify that facilitators should submit their 1-on-1 responses for approval as part of your cycle settings. 

This setting is available under Step 1: Cycle Setup. Under Share Settings, check the box next to Facilitators must 'Submit for Approval' before Sharing.

If you want to give the facilitator's upline managers the ability to approve the 1-on-1, check the box next to Allow upline managers to approve content. If you leave this box unchecked, only Admin users will be able to approve the 1-on-1s. 

Then, proceed with the setup of your cycle. Once your cycle has been launched, everyone who is answering the facilitator topics within a 1-on-1 will see the option to "Submit For Approval" within their 1-on-1; this replaces the Share button, since facilitators will not be able to share their responses directly with the employee. 

When a facilitator submits for approval, a confirmation box will appear to let them know that once they submit their responses will be locked for editing:

How To Review Facilitators' Responses

When your cycle is open, Admin users (and users in the facilitator's upline, if applicable) will be able to monitor all facilitator responses that have been submitted for approval from the All 1-on-1s tab on your 1-on-1s Home Page.  A banner will appear on this tab once one or more facilitators submit their responses for approval: 

On the right hand panel under Filter Options, you can toggle Only 1-on-1s Pending Approval to
on" in order to view the 1-on-1s that facilitators have submitted their responses for:

As with any 1-on-1, you will click View to open and read the 1-on-1 responses: 

Within the 1-on-1, you have the option to either approve the facilitator's responses (and thus share those responses with the employee) OR to send the facilitator's responses back to them to make edits: 

To approve the 1-on-1 and share the facilitator's responses with the employee, click Approve and Share with [Employee Name]

Note: Once you click Approve and Share, the 1-on-1 responses will be visible to the employee. You are not able to undo this action. 

To send the 1-on-1 responses back to the facilitator, click Send Back to [Facilitator Name].


From the pop-up window that appears, type in any requested or suggested edits you would like the facilitator make to their 1-on-1 and click Send


How Facilitators will Re-submit their responses

When an Admin user or upline manager of the facilitator sends their responses back to them with suggested edits, the facilitator will receive an email notification from Quantum Workplace that includes the comments from the Admin user who sent their responses back:

When facilitators re-open their 1-on-1 they will be able to edit their previous responses and click the Submit for Approval button when they are ready to submit their updated responses. 

How to Approve All 1-on-1s that Have been Submitted for Approval

Admin users (and upline managers, if permitted by the cycle settings) have the option to approve all 1-on-1s that are pending at once via the All 1-on-1s tab. To approval all 1-on-1 responses that have been submitted for approval at once, click the Bulk Actions drop down menu and select Approval All Pending:

From the confirmation box that appears, click Approve All Pending