The 1-on-1s Approval Process

You can require that managers submit their responses for approval as part of a cycle in order to allow Admins and upline to review responses before the employee sees them.

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When setting up a 1-on-1 cycle, you can require facilitators to submit their 1-on-1 responses for approval before their responses are shared with their 1-on-1 partner.

This feature allows for additional oversight into important and sensitive 1-on-1 conversations, i.e. performance reviews, etc.

If 1-on-1 approvals are in place, admin users and optionally, upline managers, must review, revise, and approve the facilitator's responses before the employee can view the facilitator's responses. 

How to Set Up 1-on-1 Cycles for Approval

When you set up your 1-on-1 cycle, specify that facilitators should submit their 1-on-1 responses for approval as part of your cycle settings. 

To set up a 1-on-1 cycle for approval: 

  1. Navigate to the cycle's setup page
  2. Under Share Settings, check the box for, Facilitators must 'Submit for Approval' before sharing
    • By default, administrators approve responses and comments in 1-on-1s
  3. From the additional options, check the box for, After Approval, Facilitators Must Share...
    • Optionally, enable Allow Upline Managers to Approve Content to allow the facilitator's upline managers to also approve 1-on-1 responses
  4. Click Save and Continue

    With this setting enabled, when facilitators in this cycle complete their responses, they will see Submit for Approval in place of the Share button since approval is required before the responses are shared with the employee. 

    When a facilitator submits their responses for approval, the following confirmation modal is displayed according to the settings configured in the previous, Cycle Setup step.

    How To Review Facilitators' Responses

    As an admin or an upline manager with the ability to approve 1-on-1 responses, you will see the following banners when a 1-on-1 is pending your approval.

    Use the Only 1-on-1s Pending Approval filter to quickly view 1-on-1s requiring your approval.

    To review a facilitator's responses:

    1. Navigate to the 1-on-1s home page
    2. Click on the 1-on-1 requiring approval 
    3. Review the responses and decide whether to approve or send the 1-on-1 back for editing

      • Approve: Approve the responses; employees can view the facilitator's response at this time
      • Send Back to [Employee]: Opens a text field to enter notes and suggestions for how the facilitator can adjust their responses
    If enabled by your CSM, once a facilitator's responses are approved, they can decide when to share their responses. 

    How Facilitators Re-Submit Their Responses

    When an admin user, or an upline manager if specified, sends a facilitator's responses back with suggestions for edits, the facilitator receives an email notification. 

    This email notification will detail the recommendations from the admin or upline manager. 

    When the facilitator reopens the 1-on-1, they can edit their responses and click Submit for Approval to submit their updated responses. 

    How to Approve All 1-on-1s Submitted for Approval

    Admins, and permitted upline managers, have the option to approve all 1-on-1s pending approval.

    To bulk-approve pending 1-on-1s: 

    1. From the 1-on-1s home page, enable the Only 1-on-1s Pending Approval filter 
    2. Click and expand the Bulk Actions drop-down menu 
    3. Click Approval All Pending 
    4. In the modal, confirm your selection