How to Add and Remove Goal Contributors and Followers

Add colleagues who should have visibility into your goal as Goal Contributors or Goal Followers. 

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As a Goal Owner, add colleagues who should have visibility into your goal as a Goal Contributor or Goal Follower. Additionally, admin users can assign Contributors and Followers to any goal. 

Goal Contributors are colleagues actively working with you on the goal. 

Contributors can see the goal on their Goals home page and can update key results or abandon the goal. Contributors, however, can not edit the details of a goal, i.e. name, key results, etc

Goal Followers can search and view the goal, even if the goal is restricted. Followers, however, can not update the progress of the goal. 

Both Contributors and Followers are notified via email when the goal has been closed.

Add Contributors & Followers

To add a user as a Goal Contributor or Follower for a goal: 

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  1. On the Owner, Contributor, Follower card on the right, click the icon for Contributors or Followers
  2. Enter and click the user in the search field
  3. Click Add

Users added as Contributors or Followers will receive an email notification.

    Manage Contributors & Followers

    To manage existing Contributors and Followers, click the user's corresponding icon to open a menu with several options:

    • Make Owner: Update the user's status to the Goal Owner
    • Switch to Follower/Contributor: Update the user's status to a Goal Follower or Contributor 
    • Nudge: For a Contributor, send a brief email with context or instructions to encourage the selected user to take action
    • Remove: Remove the user from the goal