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How to Add Questions to a Template

The process for adding a question to a template is the same for Pulse, 1-on-1s, and Feedback

Example for Scaled Items


  1. Click the + New Question button and select the question type. 
  2. Enter the Question text. 
  3. Select "Show help text/description" if you would like to show additional clarifying details for the Respondents taking the survey.
  4. Select the Category name to edit the Category that this question will appear under in analytics. If the item is a new question that does not come from the library, it will default to "Uncategorized". You can choose to add a Category for the questions you create, or you can use the Best Practices Questions that are pre-configured with Categories. You can choose to modify a Category for this template only or to modify the Category stored in the Question Library for all templates going forward. The Category will be invisible to the survey takers, but will appear in Analytics. 
  5. Select the Scale for the response options.
  6. You have the option to make it a Required item. 
  7. Choose the setting for “Comment on response is...” follow-up item:
      1. Required: The “Please elaborate on your answer” follow-up item will display and will be required. 
      2. Encouraged: The “Please elaborate on your answer” follow-up item will display but won’t be required.
      3. Optional: The “Please elaborate on your answer” follow-up item will not display, but there is an add comment button that you can click on to add the follow-up item.
  1. Click Add Question once you’re done with the item setup. You can also edit, move and delete the survey items once they're created.

Once you’ve finalized your content, you can click Preview to see what the template will look like to