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How to Access your SFTP Site Manually


When you are establishing an HRIS integration with Quantum Workplace using the flat file transfer method, your Customer Success Manager will create an SFTP site for your team to use. Your IT team will then automate the transfer of your employee file to the SFTP site. SFTP file transfer provides a secure and reliable solution for file transfer. The benefit of using SFTP over FTP or toher file transfer protocols is the data encryption and protection mechanisms built into the SFTP SSH2 protocol. 

Quantum Workplace does not have a web interface for accessing SFTP, which means you do not access the SFTP site through a web browser. To manually add a file to the SFTP site, you will need to use an SFTP/FTP Client Application installed on your computer. Two popular Client applications are Cyberduck and Filezilla, both of which are free to use. Once you download and install one of these, you will be able to input the server, username, and password information to access the SFT file storage. 


How to Manually Access your SFTP Site through Cyberduck

1. Open Cyberduck.

2. Click Open Connection

Open Connection and Connect

3. Enter the following information:

a. Select SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) from the drop down. 
b. For the Server, enter sftp.quantumworkplace.com 
c. Enter Username
d. Enter Password

4. Click Connect

5. If the Unknown fingerprint dialog box appears, click Allow. 

Unknown fingerprint

6. Right click to make a New Bookmark so that you don't have to re-enter the server, username, and password every time. 

new bookmark

Once you have completed the above steps, you can drag and drop files into the folder or upload files.