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How to Access Quantum Workplace's SFTP Site


When you are establishing an HRIS integration with Quantum Workplace using the flat file transfer method, your Customer Implementation Manager will create an SFTP site for your team to use. Your IT team will then automate the transfer of your employee file to the SFTP site. SFTP file transfer provides a secure and reliable solution for file transfer.

The benefit of using SFTP over FTP or other file transfer protocols is the data encryption and protection mechanisms built into the SFTP SSH2 protocol.  

Accessing the SFTP Web Interface

To access Quantum Workplace's web interface, navigate to https://sftp.quantumworkplace.com and enter your Username and Password. This would have been given to you when your Customer Success Manager created the SFTP site for you. 

How to Upload a File

After logging in, proceed to the appropriate folder and upload your integration file(s). 


Click the UPLOAD icon at the top-left.


Drag and drop your files into the gray Drop file/s here field to upload them. As files are being uploaded, see the Upload queue to verify all the files you want to upload are in place. 

Once you've confirmed all of your files are in the Upload queue, click UPLOAD ALL to complete this process.