How an Introvert Can Recognize Their Team

Recognition is critical to creating an engaged workplace, but it’s not easy for all managers. Some feel uncomfortable praising an employee to their face, much less making a public declaration. Introverts shy away from the spotlight, and recognition tends to shine the light on both the giver and receiver.

Uneasy as it may make you, you can’t ignore the importance of recognition. So, here are a few ways for introverts to recognize employees without drawing too much attention...

1.       Give thank-you cards: No need to overthink it. Something as simple as a card will do, and it shows the employee that you thought of them ahead of time and made the effort to go to the store and buy it. An added bonus: you don’t even need to deliver it in person! Just leave it on their desk and wait for them to find this surprise pick-me-up.

2.       Find shared interests: Show employees they matter by making it clear your relationship is not all about work. Discover their passions outside of the workplace, such as their favorite activities, sports teams, or TV shows, then engage them in conversation about these things. Recommend music, books, or movies they may enjoy. Recognition doesn’t have to be tied to a certain action or achievement – by showing employees you care about them, they’re noticed and appreciated.

3.       Get to know employees on a personal level: On a similar note, learn about who your employees are outside the office. What do their families look like? Are they passionate about their extra-curricular activities? They’ll appreciate your effort, and learning this information will allow you to recognize employees for actions outside the office, such as volunteering or completing their first half marathon.

4.       Hand out food-based gifts: The secret to almost everyone’s heart is their stomach. Something as simple as a gift card left on a desk can provide a nice engagement boost. Take it to the next level by learning their favorite order, such as their go-to drink at the local coffee shop, and deliver it to them.