Granting 1-on-1 Visibility In Bulk

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As an admin, you have the ability to grant visibility into Feedback and 1-on-1 cycles for users in your organization. This process allows admins to easily grant visibility in bulk. 

Visibility can not be given to deleted or automated cycles. 

Users granted visibility will not receive a notification when this process is completed. 

Select Cycle 

To grant a user visibility into a 1-on-1 cycle, begin by clicking and expanding Administration, then click the Grant Visibility card. This navigates you to a step-by-step workflow to grant visibility. 


To grant visibility into a 1-on-1 cycle, select the 1-on-1 cycle from the Select Cycle drop-down. Automated or deleted cycles cannot be selected.

The Grant History button in the top-right corner of the page gives admins a log of which cycles were granted visibility as well as when this occurred. Each cycle also includes a downloadable file with greater detail, i.e. recipients, users given visibility and the 1-on-1 cycle.


Click Next to continue. 


On the Upload page, you will upload a CSV file to specify which users should be given visibility into the selected cycle. 

The CSV file requires two columns: 

  • RecipientUsername: e.g.
  • VisibilityGranteeUsername: e.g.

Each row grants one employee visibility into one recipient. For example, if three employees are to have visibility into the same recipient, there would need to be three unique rows. The three rows would have the same recipient and three different visibility grantees.

If you don't already have a CSV file, click Download Template File to get started. To see a CSV file with all the users who participated in a cycle, click the Download Usernames drop-down and click Recipient Usernames. For a list of all employees in your organization, click All Usernames.

Once you have a CSV file with the required information and have it saved to your device, click Browse to upload the file from your file browser. 


Click Validate to continue. 


On the Validate page, you will see a brief summary of the CSV file you uploaded with the number of rows, and the number of rows that grant visibility. Here, you can look over your CSV files and ensure the information is accurate. 

To view the uploaded CSV file, click Download Details. 


Click Grant Visibility to continue.


On the Results page, if everything was validated and processed correctly, you'll see a successful confirmation message and the number of rows processed. 

To see the original imported file, click Download Imported File. To see a CSV file with the results and greater detail, click Download Results. 


Click Back to Cycle to view the cycle's details.