Goals Analytics

Goals Analytics provides admins with organization-wide goals data and managers visibility into their downline's progress on goals.

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Understanding the Excel Export
Filter Functionality


Goals Analytics provides admins with organization-wide data on Goals; specifically, the number of goals associated with each employee and the current progress on every goal.

Goals Analytics provides managers with this same information for their downline only. 

Once Goals Analytics has been enabled for your organization, you will see the option to select Goals under Analytics in the left navigation menu.

Selecting Goals Analytics from the left navigation menu takes you to the following screen: 


On this screen, you can click the Generate Report report to display a count of the number of each types of goals (e.g. organization, team, personal, and development goals) associated with every employee. 

For each goal type, you will see the number of goals that the employee owns and contributes to:

This count will appear on screen, and you can also export it to excel by clicking Export Results to Excel.

For Admins, Goals Analytics displays data for every Goals user in the organization. For managers, Goals Analytics displays data for their downline only.  Admin users who have downline reports will be able to toggle between viewing results for their organization or for their downline via the top right corner of the screen. 

Understanding the Excel Export

The Goals Analytics Excel Export includes two tabs: the Users tab and the Goals tab.

Users Tab

The Users tab within the Excel export includes a row for every employee who has access to Goals. For each employee, you will see a count of the total number of Organizational, Team, Personal, and Development goals that they own and contribute to. The Users tab includes employee demographics in line with every employee. 

Employees who have access to Goals but do not currently own or contribute to any goals will  appear in the export with a count of "0" for all goal types. 

Goals Tab

The Goals tab includes every goal in Quantum Workplace in line with every employee who either owns, contributes to, or follows that goal. For each goal you are able to view the current overall progress on that goal and each of the goal tags associated with that goal. You can filter by goal tags in the spreadsheet to view a list of all goals with a particular tag. 

Each goal will appear in line with every employee who is associated with that goal as either the owner or a contributor, which means that every goal that has contributors will appear in the export multiple times. Every unique goal in Quantum Workplace has its own Goal ID, which is displayed in the Goal ID Column (Column G) of the Excel export. You can filter by Goal ID to view unique goals only. 

Filter Functionality

You can use the filter functionality to customize the information that is included in your export. 

  • You can use the Filter By User field to enter in the names of specific employees you would like to include in the export.
  • Filter by Create Date allows you to search for goals that were created within a certain date range. 
  • The Filter by User Attribute field allows you to search for all goes that belong to members of a certain demographic (e.g. a particular department).
  • Check the box next to Include Completed Goals if you would like the export to include goals that have been closed. 
  • Check the box next to Show Deactivated Users if you would like the export to include goals associated with employees who are inactive (e.g. terminated employees). 

Once you add in the filters you want to use, click Generate Export to generate a report for goals that meet that criteria.