A guide to the terminology used in Quantum Workplace.

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Refer to this article to understand the terminology used throughout Quantum Workplace. 


  • Benchmark - A standard or point of reference against which things may be compared or assessed
  • Outside Voice - When a user outside of Quantum Workplace is added into the tool, either take a survey or provide Feedback
  • Confidential - Responses to a survey, feedback, etc. are kept anonymous and not tied to the user who left the response
  • Attributed - Responses to a survey, feedback, etc. are not anonymous and are tied to the user who left the response

Survey & Pulses

  • Favorability - The combination of responses that are either Agree or Strongly Agree on the six-point agreement rating scale
    • For example, if a survey item has a favorability rating of 80% across an entire organization, then 80% of all respondents rated that item with either a 5 (Agree) or a 6 (Strongly Agree)
  • Cycle - A survey launched by the admin
  • Survey Logic - Specify who can see survey questions, and if additional questions should be presented, depending on a survey participant's response 


  • Overall Score - Average total responses of the scaled questions
  • Cycle - A feedback request launched by the admin
  • Feedback Recipient - The user receiving Feedback  
  • Feedback Provider - The user giving Feedback
  • Give Feedback- Submitting feedback for someone directly without them requesting it
  • Request Feedback - Asking for Feedback for yourself or others


  • Personal Goal - A goal driving the efforts of an individual or group of individuals
  • Development Goal - A goal for personal growth of a skill or competency
  • Team Goal - A goal reflecting the collaborative effort of an entire team
  • Organizational Goal - A goal driving the direction of the entire organization


  • Share - Submitting responses to the facilitator
  • Finalized - Completing your 1-on-1
  • Pending Approval - As a facilitator, you are submitting your response to be approved by an admin or manager 
  • Cycle - A 1-on-1 review launched by the admin