Get Started with Vitals



Vitals is a talent review for the 21st century. Using Vitals, you can prompt managers and other people leaders to assess employees' performance, potential for growth, and likelihood of staying with the organization. As managers across teams evaluate their employees using this framework, employees will be plotted along Performance and Growth axes. Your leaders and managers can then take targeted action to retain and develop your talent using our resources and recommendations geared toward the differently performing segments of your population. We recommend prompting managers to update Vitals for their direct reports once a quarter. Note: You can configure Vitals so that people other than an employee's direct manager can provide Vitals ratings instead of or in addition to the direct manager. Vitals works well for matrix organizations. 

Vitals Process

1. Ask: You will launch a Vitals cycle that will prompt your managers to answer our 3 Vitals questions about their direct reports.

2. Analyze: As managers complete Vitals, employees' scores will be mapped out on a grid along Performance and Growth axes. Over time, you will be able to see both an average Vitals rating for each employee as well as every Vitals rating they've ever received (and from whom). 

3. Act: You can select from our Insight Types to guide your follow up with any given employee. You and the employee's manager can discuss next steps directly in the platform and choose from our recommended talent management actions. 

Vitals Questions

Recent research shows that managers are not always well positioned to rate their direct reports' competencies and skills. However, managers are well-positioned to assess an employee's intentions. Given this, our in-house team of experts have developed three key questions for managers:

    1. Performance Impact
    2. Growth Trajectory

    3. Retention Risk

Launching a Vitals Cycle

As an Admin, you can request Vitals ratings for your entire organization or any subset of the population by launching a cycle. 

      1. From the Admin dashboard, go to Vitals and click "New Cycle"
      2. Complete general settings and click "Save and Continue"
      3. Add Vitals Recipients. From the template drop down, select the Vitals template (that will be the only option in the menu). 
      4. Set Milestones and Launch.


View Vitals scores for your employees by navigating to Analytics and clicking on Vitals. Vitals scores will be plotted on Performance and Growth Axes. Click the information icon for an explanation of what the four quadrants represent as well as recommended next steps you can take to engage and coach employees based on their Vitals score. 

Below the grid, you will see the current Vitals scores for each employee. Click the drop down by an employee's name to view their scores over time, as well as who provided those ratings. Click the Add icon to add Insights and start a conversation about an employee's Vitals rating.