General Settings in Administration

As an Admin, customize Quantum Workplace for your organization.

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The below functionality applies to Top-Level Admins. Focused Admins only have the ability to moderate flagged posts within General Settings.

Accessing General Settings

To open General Settings, click Administration in the left-hand navigation menu and select General Settings

admin menu_general settings-1



From the Organization tab, you can: 
  • Update your organization's name (used throughout the platform)
  • Grant or remove employee access to the Org Tree.
  • Select the time zone for your organization.

    If you have more than one office location, this will typically be the time zone of your HQ office; individual users can update their preferred time zone in their account settings.
  • Select the newsfeed filter option for your employees, Learn more about filtering options

Home Logo

Use the Home Logo tab to manage your company's logo displayed on the home page and in surveys launched in Quantum Workplace.

  • A. Current Logo: If a logo is in-use, the logo will be displayed here
  • B. Delete Logo: If a logo is in-use, click Delete Logo to remove the logo 
  • C. Upload Logo: Click the box or drag and drop the logo file into the box to upload the logo 
    • For best results, ensure the width of the logo file is between 200px and 400px

Add or Update Logo: Quantum Workplace's Home Page & Surveys

The logos added here affect the company logo displayed on the home page and on surveys. 

To add or update a logo:

2023-03-23_16-39-43 (1)

  1. Click the box or drag and drop the logo file into the box to upload the logo
  2. Adjust the size and orientation of the logo to properly fit into the border
    • If the logo orientation needs adjustment, use the rotate buttons in the bottom-right to rotate the logo clockwise or counter-clockwise 
    • If the logo size needs adjustment, use the scroll function of your mouse/trackpad or click-and-drag the zoom bar
    • Click-and-drag the logo and center the logo within the border
  3. Click Save

Add or Update Logo: Email Notifications for Survey Invites and Reminders

The logos added here affect the company logo displayed on emails for survey invites and reminders.

To add or update a logo: 

  1. Contact your CIM/CSM with an image file of your company's logo
    • For clear resolution, ensure the maximum width of the logo file is 320px


demographics v2

From the Demographics tab, you can do the following: 

  • Add demographics for your organization. Click the blue + New Demographic button to add a demographic that you plan to include in your bulk user import. You will be able to map any demographic you add here (e.g. Department) to a particular column within your user import.
  • Rename demographic titles by the demographic's corresponding Edit icon.
  • Decide which demographics should be displayed on employees' profile cards.
  • Decide which demographics your users should be able to search by within the site. 
  • Decide which demographics should be available for filtering and slicing within analytics and which demographics.
  • Decide which demographics should be able to be added to Team Goals. 

The following demographics do not need to be added to General Settings first:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Username
  • Position/Title 
  • Date of Birth 
  • Hire Date
  • Term Date
  • Employee ID
  • Manager Employee ID
  • Manager Username 
  • Profile Image URL 
  • Active Status 
  • Secondary Email Address
  • User Default Language

Easy Impersonationeasy impersonation

From this tab, you can designate Easy Impersonation settings for your Admins. 

In the Easy Impersonation Default Setting card, specify whether All Users or No Users can be impersonated by an admin. This acts as a baseline and can be further personalized in the next Exceptions card. Alternatively, you can also completely disable the feature. 

In the Easy Impersonation Exception card that corresponds to your previous selection, specify specific employees that should be excluded or included. This will affect whether specific employees can be impersonated or not. 

Moderate Posts

moderate posts v2

If any Recognition or Goal posts have been flagged, they will appear here for you to moderate. Click Approve to return the post to the Newsfeed, or click Archive to delete the post.