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How to Filter by Demographic

You can layer demographics to invite a subset of your employees to participate in a survey or cycle.

When you set up a survey or 1-on-1 or Feedback cycle in Quantum Workplace, you have the option to invite participants  based on the demographic groups they belong to (e.g., you can send a survey to a specific department or departments only.)

  • If you select multiple attributes within the same group (like Department:Sales and Department:Technology) then the query includes all employees that belong to either the Sales department OR the Technology department
  • If you select multiple attributes across demographics (like Department:Sales + Location:Boston) then you will include employees in BOTH Sales AND Boston.
  • If you select a mix of demographic types like Department:Sales + Department:Technology + Location:Boston, you'll include employees who are in Sales OR Technology AND Boston. This translates to all Sales and Technology employees located in Boston. 

This logic also applies when you define the a Focused Admin's administration scope or when you select which departments or other groups should be added to a Team Goal: