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Feedback Email Communication


Below are the email notifications your employees may receive as part of your Feedback cycle, depending on the specific cycle set up.  Email notifications are not customizable, with the exception of any text you add to the the "About this Cycle" section of your cycle set up page. If you add text to this section and check the box specifying that it should be added to emails, that text will get pulled into the body of the emails. The below examples only display the text that is automatically included in every email.

Select Feedback Providers Emails

The below email is sent out on the Cycle Launch date to Feedback recipients if they are required to select their own Feedback providers: 

select your providers for a self-eval

If managers are required to select feedback providers for their employees who are receiving feedback, they will also receive an email on the day that the cycle launches prompting them to select providers: 

select feedback providers for manager

Provide Feedback Emails

Any Feedback users who are selected to provide feedback as part of a cycle for one or more of their colleagues will be notified via email: youve been selected to provide feedback-1


Employees who are asked to provide feedback for themselves will receive the below email: 
provide feedback self

Note on Provide Feedback Emails: For cycles in which feedback providers are imported by an Admin before the cycle launches, the provide feedback emails will be consolidated such that one email will contain a list of everyone for whom the employee needs to provide feedback. Any Feedback providers who are added after the cycle launches will not receive consolidated emails. Instead, they will be notified individually for every feedback recipient that they have been invited to provide feedback for after the cycle. 


Feedback providers also receive a reminder 3 days and 1 day before the due date to provide feedback if they haven't yet completed their feedback: 

Reminder to provide feedback as part of a cycle-1



Feedback Shared Emails

If Feedback recipients are allowed to see the feedback they've received as soon as it has been given, they will receive the following email when someone shares feedback with them: 

Roger has shared feedback with you



Feedback is Visible

If there is a "Feedback Visible" date specified for this cycle (e.g., if Feedback isn't automatically visible once it's submitted), some individuals will receive the below email notification depending on your cycle settings. If the employee and their immediate manager were granted visibility into this feedback, they will receive this email notification:

Caroline feedback is now visible


Request Feedback Emails

If an employee requests feedback from their colleagues using Request Feedback, anyone they invite to provide feedback for them will receive the following email. 

someone has requested your feedbacvk

When a manager uses Request Feedback to request feedback on behalf of their direct report, the employee who is receiving feedback will receive the following email notification: 

email launched a feedback request on your behalf

Focused Feedback

Focused Feedback cycles include two additional email notifications. Managers of employees receiving focused feedback receive an email notification prompting them to review the feedback their employee has received and provide a summary of the key takeaways (see below). This email is sent 3 days before the Focused Feedback due date:

Provide Focused Feedback-2

The employee receives the below email when their managers shares the summary of the feedback with them: 


Feedback for another person has been shared with you

If your organization has granted employees the ability to share feedback that they've received with another user (e.g. with a mentor or coach), the user who receives access to the feedback will receive the below notification: 
feedback for someone else has been shared with you

In addition, the employee who received the feedback and their manager will both be notified that the other person was granted visibility into their feedback. 
feedback about you has been shared

Want to give your employees the option to share the feedback they've received with another Feedback user? Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable this for your organization.