February 21st, 2019 | Rank Questions in Feedback

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Rank QuestionsBETA in Feedback

A couple months back, we introduced the Rank Question type to Pulse surveys as an “Alpha” feature. We’ve now extended the Rank question type to Feedback!

Rank Questions allow you to understand ranked perceptions among a set of response options.  In Feedback, for example, maybe you want to ask Feedback Providers to weigh in on someone’s top strengths… Rank will let you do that.

Here we see that Jane’s top perceived strengths are confronting difficult issues and listening to others (not taking prudent risks nor managing ambiguity).

For more information, check out the Understanding Rank in Feedback help doc.

This feature is in BETA. In the beta release, you can configure the Rank Questions in Feedback and Pulse surveys.  To get BETA access to start collecting Rank data, contact your CSM to become an BETA customer.


Admins can Add Questions to an in-use Template

We’ve recently enabled Admins to (1) edit questions on an in-flight template and (2) ‘stop asking’ questions on an in-flight template.

Now we’re giving Admins the power to add New Questions to an in-flight template.  


  • For clients using automated cycles triggered by New Hire-date or Exit-date, this enables you to make adjustments to your template without interruption to your Analytics.
  • Maybe you’re a day or two into your cycle and you’ve realized you forgot a question… you now have the power to add it… you won’t capture feedback from folks who have already submitted… but at least you’ll get some responses.


  • We had an issue when Easy Impersonating a user that didn’t have access to the page you’re on, we were showing you a 505 error… now we gracefully redirect you to a page the user has access to. Voila!
  • We recently empowered you to change the sequence of your Key Results… but then when you went to update progress on your KRs, they were in the old sequence.  Scrubbed!
  • We had an issue that was preventing Admins from modifying feedback Providers if the feedback group settings were set to auto-invite. Repaired!