Feature Permissions


  • Where To Find Permissions
  • Recognition
  • Goals
  • Feedback
  • 1-on-1s
  • Surveys
  • Administrator

Where To Find Permissions

Go to Administration (drop down by your name in top-right corner) → Users → Click Edit button next to the user you want to edit → App Permissions check boxes appear on the right-hand side → Check or un-check any boxes to add or remove access to any of the listed apps → After any changes are made, click Save User Information.


Allows access to Recognition app.

  • See these Recognition help docs for more info on administering Recognition. 


Allows access to Goals app.

  • See these Goals help docs for more info on administering Goals.


Allows access to Feedback app. 

  • See these Feedback help docs for more info on administering Feedback.


Allows access to 1-on-1s app.

  • See these 1-on-1s help docs for more info on administering 1-on-1s. 


Allows access to Surveys reports (and, if you're an administrator, you may access Pulse Surveys and/or Survey Assistant, if these features or turned on for your organization.  Please reach out to us if you have any questions about what these are or how to turn them on for your company). 


Allows ability to add or edit new users to your account and assign app access.

  • See these User Management help docs for more info on user management and admin.