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FAQs for COVID-19 Pulse Surveys

FAQs for the Remote Work Readiness, Emergency/Crisis Management Survey, or your own custom survey about COVID-19

Q: Can we combine Quantum Workplace’s Remote Work Readiness Pulse Survey with the Emergency/Crisis-Management Survey?

A: Yes, you can combine these surveys into one. 

Q: Can we customize Quantum Workplace’s Remote Work Readiness Pulse Survey or Emergency/Crisis-Management Survey by deleting, editing, or adding questions?

A: Yes, you can customize either of these surveys to best fit your organization's needs. 

Q: Should these surveys be confidential or attributed?

We recommend that these pulse surveys be attributed as this better equips you to take action on specific feedback left by employees if necessary. 

Q: How long should these surveys be open for employees to participate?

We recommend keeping these surveys open for 3-5 business days. This shorter response window accounts for the changing nature of the pandemic and provides you with valuable, real-time insight. Leaving your survey open for 2 business weeks may result in conflating feedback from different time periods (e.g., employee feedback might vary from week to week as the situation evolves.)

Q: When can we view our results? 

If you are launching these surveys using Quantum Workplace’s Pulse Survey, you can see responses that are provided in real time. 

Q: How often should we launch these surveys?

We suggest collecting feedback via a pulse survey fairly frequently given the pace of change during the pandemic. While you should think ahead to the timing of your next pulse survey, don’t be too rigid with the timing. Think about scenarios where your organization and employees would benefit if feedback is collected: if a significant change happens in your organization, your community, or the broader society OR if it’s been several weeks since your last pulse survey.

Q: Should we give managers access to results?

Yes! Giving managers' access to their team's responses empowers managers to help their teams navigate through the current events beyond just leaders or HR.

Q: How should we take action on the feedback we collect in these surveys?

See our Tips for Taking Action on COVID-19 Pulse Surveys

Q: We recently conducted our annual employee engagement survey. Should we still launch one of these surveys? 

Yes! It is a best practice to check in with employees during times of uncertainty. While your employee engagement survey results are still very valuable, these pulse surveys will give you insight into how the current situation is impacting your employees.