FAQ: What Do the Engagement Profiles Mean?

Engagement Profile Calculations

Every survey taker is bucketed into one of four profiles based on their average response to the Likert items (6 point agreement items) on the survey:

  • Highly Engaged: average response equals 5 or greater out of 6
  • Moderately Engaged: average response equals 4-4.99 out of 6
  • Barely Engaged: average response equals 3-3.99 out of 6
  • Disengaged: average response is less than 3 out 6

Engagement Profile Definitions

Highly engaged employees are strongly connected to their places of work. They are often advocates of the organization who stick with the company through its ups and downs, and make an extra effort to achieve great results.

Moderately engaged employees are favorable towards the overall workplace experience, but something is holding them back from being highly engaged.

Barely engaged employees have an indifferent attitude toward their workplace. These employees generally have decreased motivation to perform optimally and are at risk for retention.

Disengaged employees are mentally and emotionally disconnected from their places of work. These employees may be negative and even disruptive with their concerns. Their critiques typically go beyond healthy feedback and they do not necessarily share their concerns with the intent of improving the workplace. Disengaged employees are relatively rare, but they can hinder the productivity of others.