Exit Surveys: Getting Started

This guide will equip you with everything you need to know to launch meaningful Exit surveys to yield actionable insights.

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Welcome to Quantum Workplace's guide to all things Exit surveys.

This guide will equip you with everything you need to know to launch Exit surveys to yield meaningful insights.

Quantum Workplace has also developed a ready-to-launch Exit survey to introduce you to the survey tool and empower you and your organization to get started collecting valuable exit data right away. Learn more about Easy Launch Exit surveys.

Exit Surveys: An Introduction

Exit surveys are ongoing surveys that can be configured to automatically invite exiting employees. Exit surveys are an excellent way to gather insights from employees and decrease rates of regrettable turnover. 

To better understand your exiting employees' experience, Quantum Workplace provides an Exit survey template designed to gather insightful and actionable feedback.

Additional surveys such as an annual engagement survey, periodic pulses, and new hire surveys can help provide a macro view of an employee's engagement during their tenure with an organization.

It's recommended to review the Exit survey's data regularly as employees leave your organization over time.

Launch & Test Exit Surveys

Exit surveys are one of several automated surveys possible with Quantum Workplace.

This section includes a guide on creating, launching, and testing an Exit survey as well as callouts specific to Exit surveys.

Launch an Exit Survey

This article guides you step-by-step through the survey creation process for Exit surveys and the other possible automated survey options.

Survey Templates

When launching an Exit survey, Quantum Workplace provides a best practice-aligned Exit survey template to use.

The questions in a survey template can be customized during the survey setup process.

Learn more about additional Exit survey questions.

Invite Trigger & Targeting

On the Participants step of the survey setup, specify the trigger and if invitations should be limited to certain demographics.

  • Triggered by: Select Employee Exit Date
    • Invitations to exiting employees are delivered relative to the exit date in Quantum Workplace as configured in the Schedule step of the survey creator, e.g. survey invites are delivered 5 days before an employee's exit date
  • Targeting: 
    • Send to all employees: All exiting employees are invited to participate in the survey
    • Limit who is invited based on demographics: Use the Include and Exclude fields to filter which employees are invited to participate in the survey

Test an Exit Survey Pre-Launch

As an admin, test and preview a user's visibility into a survey's analytics to ensure users have the correct level of visibility into survey analytics. 

Survey Moderation

As an admin or a user granted permission, you can complete an Exit survey on an exiting employee's behalf. This is especially useful for organizations that conduct exit interviews, either in person or over the phone.

Learn more about completing a survey on a participant's behalf.

Survey Notes

As an admin, you can view a survey participant's results for a non-confidential survey and add additional notes for each survey question, or the entire survey in general.

Survey notes are especially helpful in scenarios involving exit surveys and exit interviews. The Survey Notes feature can be used actively during an interview to capture important information.

Alternatively, interviewers can use the Survey Notes feature before conducting interviews to better organize and focus their questions.

Learn more about Survey Notes.

Exit Survey Analytics

Once survey participants have completed their surveys and you have collected results, it's time to listen, understand, and act on what your exiting employees are saying.  

The following articles are great starting points when viewing your survey analytics:

  • Survey Analytics: Reports: a guide to the reports and analysis tools i.e. filters, slices, comparisons, etc. available when viewing survey results
  • Survey Analytics: Smart Summary: easily view a contextual summary of the comments left by former employees
  • Trend Over Time: allows you to view results according to the month or quarter they were collected to identify how results change over time
  • Point-in-Time Demographics: when viewing a survey's analytics, users' demographic information reflects their demographics at the time the survey invite was delivered

Best Practices

The following resources are best practices to incorporate for a more optimized Exit survey.

See a complete list of resources related to New Hire and Exit survey best practices.