FAQs: Engagement Survey

Commonly asked questions regarding Quantum Workplace's Engagement Survey.

FAQs in this article: 


What is favorability?

Favorability is the combination of responses that are either Agree or Strongly Agree on Quantum Workpalce's 6-point agreement rating scale. 

For example, if a survey item has a favorably rating of 80% across the entire organization, then 80% of survey respondents responded to the survey item with either a 5 (Agree) or a 6 (Strongly Agree.) 

Why should we pre-populate demographics versus having the employees answer those questions themselves?

Pre-populating demographics increase data accuracy. 

Employees may not know how to answer all demographic questions or may purposefully misrepresent themselves out of fear of being identified. 

Don’t employees become concerned about confidentiality when they each receive a unique link?

Pre-survey communication regarding confidentiality tends to alleviate user concerns. 

If you communicate up front how results are being captured, it tends to alleviate any concern.

Visit Quantum Workplace's Privacy Policy for more information on Quantum Workplace's commitment to protecting confidentiality. 

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Which demographics should we include?

Include all demographics you may want to view results by. It is better to have more than you need rather than add more after you are in reporting.

Keep in mind we must have at least five completed surveys for each demographic group to show results. Certain demographics will not provide sufficient responses (i.e. Job Title.)

What if a department has split or merged since last year? Will we receive year-over-year data?

We can only do one-to-one relationship mapping. Meaning if last year a department was called Finance & Accounting and this year they are split out as two departments, we can map 2023 Finance OR 2023 Accounting to 2022 Finance & Accounting, but not both.

Do you limit the number of questions on a survey?

That depends on your contract. In cases where you are not limited, we do not recommend exceeding 50 questions on the survey.

If it becomes too long, employees lose interest, and response rates tend to drop off.

If we surveyed last year, can we ask different questions this year?

You may, but we encourage you to keep most of the same items for year-over-year trending analysis.

What if every employee doesn’t have their own email or access to a computer?

We can administer the survey via kiosk, paper, or phone.

Contact your CIM/CSM for more information.

What is the appropriate time frame for a survey to be open?

We recommend two weeks with the option to extend the survey to 3-5 business days in case the response rate isn't where you would like it to be.