Easy Impersonation

Admin users can have easy impersonation enabled for them in order to be able to view other employees' Quantum Workplace accounts directly


How to Use Easy Impersonation

To use Easy Impersonation, you must be an Admin with the Easy Impersonate feature enabled for you. If Easy Impersonate is enabled, you will see the Impersonate (mask) icon in the top right corner of your Quantum Workplace account. 

Click on the mask icon to begin. Then, in the search bar that appears, type in the name of the coworker you would like to impersonate and click on their name. 

click on zane to impersonate

Next, you will see a screen that indicates that you are switching to the impersonated user's view. Once the Impersonation loads, you will be viewing the impersonated user's account. When you are ready to stop impersonating that user, or if you need to impersonate a new user, click on the Mask icon. Type in the name of a new user to view their account, or click Stop to turn off the Impersonate function and return to your own account.
stop impersonate


Protecting Confidentiality

To protect confidentiality, the following are NOT accessible or viewable through Easy Impersonate. 

  • Private Notes
  • Feedback responses left on any confidential Feedback sessions
  • Survey responses left on confidential Surveys

None of the above items will appear in a user's account when impersonating them. 

How to Give an Admin the Ability to Easy Impersonate

To give an Admin user the ability to impersonate, navigate to User Management in Administration and click Edit by the user who needs Easy Impersonation abilities.  Note: Easy Impersonate can only be enabled for Admins. 

Then, in the panel at the right, check the box next to Easy Impersonation. Click Save at the bottom of the screen to update your changes. 

Focused Admins

Focused Admins who are given the ability to use Easy Impersonation can only impersonate users within their Administration Scope. For the below example, this Focused Admin can only Easy Impersonate users who are located in Boston who are not members of the Executive Department.

How to Prevent Users from being Impersonated

If there are certain users who no one should be able to impersonate (e.g. senior leaders), you can specify which users cannot be impersonated within General Settings in Administration. From the Easy Impersonation tab, enter in the names of users who no one should be able to impersonate and click Save User Exceptions.