Draft Goals

You can save any goal as a draft before officially launching it in Quantum Workplace.

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When you create a goal in Quantum Workplace, you have the option to save it as a draft, which gives you the opportunity to continue to edit all aspects of the goal before you officially launch the goal in Quantum Workplace.

When a goal is saved as a draft, it is only visible to the goal owner, anyone in the upline of the goal owner, and Admin users of Quantum Workplace.  Draft goals are not visible to any contributors or followers.


How to Save a Draft Goal

When you create a goal in Quantum Workplace, you have the option to save it as a draft by clicking Create in Draft Mode on the final, Review page of the Goal Wizard.

You can save a draft of any goal that has a goal name, regardless of whether you have entered key results for the goal or updated any of the goal configurations. 


Once you click Create in Draft Mode, you will be taken to a new screen that displays your draft goal. From this page, you can edit all details about your goal- including the key results, whether the goal is public or restricted, the goal type, and the due date.

You can also add contributors and followers to the draft goal. Keep in mind, they will only be notified once you launch the goal.

home page-2

How to Find your Draft Goal

You can find your draft goals on both your Home Page and your main Goals page. 

On your Home Page, any draft goals you have created will appear in the panel on the right side of the screen. You can click on any draft goal to edit or launch it.

finding draft goal 1

Draft goals will also appear in your default view on your Goals page:

finding draft goal 2

How to Share your Draft Goal

To share a draft goal with your colleagues and stakeholders, click Share Link at the top-right corner.  

share 1

In the modal pop-up, click Copy Link to save the URL link and easily share the link with relevant colleagues to refine your goal. 

share 2-1

The draft goal link does not allow recipients to edit the draft, they're given view-only access. 


How to Launch your Draft Goal

When you are done editing your draft goal and are ready to launch, click Launch Goal in the top-right to expand the drop-down. 

launch 1

To keep and launch the goal to include all activity, i.e. edits, posts, etc., select Keep All Goal Activity before clicking Launch Now. 

Otherwise, click Start Fresh to launch a goal without any edits or posts you created in Draft Mode.

launch 2

For Managers: How to View Your Downline Report's Draft Goal

As a manager, you will have visibility into draft goals that have been created by your downline team members.

To view any draft goal for your downline, click the search bar and click the quick link, Your Direct Reports' Goals. Alternatively, you simply type in your direct report's name. 

search direct report 1

This view will show you both their draft and in-progress goals:

You can also view an employee's draft goals from within their Snapshot.

Once you have opened your employee's snapshot by searching for their name and clicking the Snapshot icon, you will be able to view all of their goals, including draft and open goals from the Goals tab:

How to Add a Draft Goal to a 1-on-1

Employees and managers who have access to 1-on-1s can add their draft goals into a 1-on-1 conversation using the Goal Conversation Booster.

From within your 1-on-1, click the Conversation Boosters button from the bottom left corner.

convo booster 1

From the window that appears, click + Add next to Goal Booster. 

convo booster 2

Now you will see the Goal Conversation Booster has been added to the bottom of the 1-on-1.

1. Click Select Goal in the bottom column of your questions. 

2. From your Snapshot pop-out, find the goal you wish to include in your 1-on-1 and click Select.

convo booster 3