Draft Goals

You can save any goal as a draft before officially launching it in Quantum Workplace.

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As you create a goal in Quantum Workplace, you can save the goal as a draft before publishing the goal. Saving a goal as a draft gives you the time and opportunity to continue editing all aspects of the goal until you're ready to publish the goal. 

When a goal is saved as a draft, it is only visible to the goal owner, anyone in the upline of the goal owner, and Admin users of Quantum Workplace. 

Draft goals are not visible to any contributors or followers.

How to Create a Draft Goal

To create a draft goal

  1. Navigate through the Goal Creator and configure your goal 
  2. On the final Review step, click Create in Draft Mode

When a goal is created in Draft Mode, you are navigated to the Goal Details page displaying the draft goal. From this page, you can continue to edit any detail of the goal, i.e. key results, type, privacy, etc.

Contributors and Followers can also be added while the goal is in draft mode. They will be notified of their status once the goal is launched. 

How to Find a Draft Goal

Draft goals can be found on the home page and on the Goals home page. Click on a draft goal to edit or launch the goal. 

  • Draft goals as they appear on the home page: 
  • Draft goals as they appear from the Goals home page:

How to Share a Draft Goal

Draft goals can be shared with colleagues to verify and confirm a goal's details. Shared goals are restricted to view-only permissions, recipients of the link can not edit the goal in any way. 

To share a draft goal: 

  1. Click Share Link from the draft goal's page
  2. In the Share Link modal, click Copy Link to save the link
  3. Share the saved link with relevant colleagues

How to Launch a Draft Goal

To launch a draft goal: 

  1. Click Launch Goal to expand a drop-down menu
    • Keep All Goal Activity: Launch the goal while retaining edits, posts, etc. made while the goal was in draft mode
    • Start Fresh: Launch the goal and remove any edits, posts, etc. made while the goal was in draft mode 
  2. Click Launch Now

How to View a Downline Report's Draft Goal

As a manager, you have visibility into draft goals that have been created by your downline team members.

To view draft goals created by your downline: 

  1. From the Goals homepage, click the Goal Search field to expand a menu of quick-selections
  2. Click Your Direct Reports' Goals
  3. This will highlight all goals, in any state, created by any of your direct reports

Alternatively, to view an individual direct report's goals, you can enter their name into the Goal Search field. 

How to Add a Draft Goal to a 1-on-1

Employees and managers who have access to 1-on-1s can add their draft goals into a 1-on-1 conversation using the Goal Conversation Booster.

From within your 1-on-1, click the Conversation Boosters button from the bottom left corner.

convo booster 1

From the window that appears, click + Add next to Goal Booster. 

convo booster 2

Now you will see the Goal Conversation Booster has been added to the bottom of the 1-on-1.

1. Click Select Goal in the bottom column of your questions. 

2. From your Snapshot pop-out, find the goal you wish to include in your 1-on-1 and click Select.

convo booster 3