Dec 8, 2022 - Release Notes

Create Habits with Recurring 1-on-1s


Create Habits with Recurring 1-on-1s

Recurring 1-on-1s

Recurring 1-on-1s create habits, build trust, and drive employee success. Quantum Workplace is helping managers keep 1-on-1 conversations and check-ins are top of mind with our new recurring 1-on-1 scheduler.

Navigate to the top right corner of the 1-on-1s explorer. There you'll see a list of your direct reports. Each time you set up a 1-on-1, you'll see the status move closer to 100% as each recurring check-in is scheduled with each of your direct reports.

Stay connected and keep engagement top of mind with your employees with recurring 1-on-1 conversations. 

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