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Understanding the Confidentiality Settings for Engagement Surveys

Our recommendation and default is to keep your Engagement Survey confidential. By keeping your Engagement Survey confidential, there is a higher likelihood that your employees will respond openly and honestly and that you will achieve a high response rate. Employees typically expect and prefer Engagement Surveys to be confidential, and the vast majority of Quantum Workplace launch confidential Engagement Surveys. 

For confidential surveys, if your organization requires raw survey data, Quantum Workplace can provide you with an anonymized data export that includes the complete set of survey responses from your survey but does not include any demographic information for your employees. If your organization requires access to the complete raw data set for your Engagement survey, including demographic data, you can opt to launch an attributed Engagement Survey instead of a confidential one. 

Confidential Engagement Surveys

By default, when your organization launches an Engagement Survey, we will assume that the survey is confidential. The communications that we send to your employees will inform them that the survey is confidential and that their individual survey responses will never be shared with or revealed to anyone in your organization. When taking the Engagement Survey, survey takers will see the following message:
Your response to this survey is confidential. Responses are compiled and analyzed as a group.

Quantum Workplace can provide your team with a data file that includes survey responses only (e.g. without any identifiable employee information) upon request. 

Attributed Engagement Surveys

If your organization would like to gain access to the raw demographic data and survey responses for your Engagement Survey (e.g. for the purpose of analyzing engagement data in the context of other business analytics), you must opt to launch an attributed engagement survey as opposed to a confidential one. This is a decision that you need to make and confirm with your Customer Success Manager before launching your Engagement Survey. This allows the Quantum Workplace team to customize the communications that we send to your employees about the survey to exclude our customary disclaimer that the survey is confidential. Unless you request otherwise, your employees will see the below message when they take the attributed Engagement Survey:

Your response to this survey is tied to your identity and can be attributed to you. 
attributed statement

If you do not want the above disclaimer to appear on the Engagement Survey, contact your Customer Success Manager before your survey is built to request that no confidentiality message appear on the Engagement Survey. 

If your organization has decided to conduct an attributed Engagement Survey, Quantum Workplace will provide you with one export of your complete survey data after your survey closes. Within the Engagement Survey reporting site, the minimum response threshold will still be in place such that you cannot view survey data for individuals or for any combination of demographic groups that yields fewer than 5 survey responses. That is, the only real difference in outputs between attributed and confidential Engagement Surveys is that you are eligible to receive an complete export of your raw survey data if you conduct an attributed survey. 

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