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Commitment Plan Email Campaigns

What is it?

Our automagic communication is just that…magic. We send emails to remind commitment plan owners of the next critical task to drive best practice post survey follow-up. Our research shows that employees who experience survey follow up post survey were 12 times more likely to be engaged the following year.

How to turn on?

Let us know critical task due dates for:

  • User Access -The date in which you would like commitment plan owners to access their results.
  • Reviewing Results - The date that action plan owners are expected to review their results.
  • Communicating Results - The date that action plan owners are expected to communicate results to their teams.
  • Finalizing Commitments - The date that action plan owners are expected to have set their commitments for improving engagement.

That is it. Our technology will do the rest.

Our recommended cadence:
  • User Access: within 2 weeks after survey close
  • Reviewing Results7 days after access
  • Communicating Results: 14 days after access
  • Finalizing Commitments: 28 days after access

How does it work?

Our technology is smart. It knows who has done what and drives accountability to those who have not completed critical tasks. We have 11 communications that help drive users through the post survey process. These communications are connected to the three critical tasks.  Each of the green boxes below is an email.

Once commitments have been made in the commitment plan, we then have a monthly commitment update and digest email that is sent out to ensure commitments don’t get lost throughout the year. These emails are sent until the commitments have been marked complete or we launch your next survey.