Best Practices for Finalizing your Engagement Survey Demographics

Engagement Surveys utilize "point in time" demographics to reflect the specific reporting structure in your organization at the time of the survey.

As part of the preparation to launch an Engagement Survey in Quantum Workplace, you will provide your Customer Success Manager with an employee demographics file a few weeks in advance of your survey. The employee demographics file is how we create your reporting hierarchy, which you will access via the Team Select button in your analytics. Providing  employee demographics allows you to view results for various levels of the organization and slice and filter your data to examine trends between different demographic groups. 

Importantly, your Engagement Survey data reflects employee sentiments during the time period in which the survey was conducted. Your employee demographics should reflect the demographics and reporting relationships that were in place at the time of the survey launch and should not be retroactively updated. 

As part of your survey set up process, your Customer Success Manager will provide a due date for you to provide your final employee demographics that is based on the date that you have chosen for your survey launch. This date is chosen in order to capture employee demographics as close to the survey launch as possible without jeopardizing our team's ability to ensure that your survey launches on time. It is important to provide your finalized employee demographics on this date to ensure that our team has sufficient time to build and quality assure your survey.

If you discover that your employee demographics file included data that did not correctly reflect the demographics and reporting relationships at the time of the survey launch, we can accept a corrected employee demographics file that reflects your employee demographics at the time that the engagement survey was conducted. To maintain data integrity, the demographics you provide should reflect the period of time in which your Engagement Survey was conducted.