Weekly Recognition Digest


What is it?

The recognition digest is an automated email sent to employees that highlights recent recognition posts. It also prompts them to login and recognize their peers.

As an employee, how do I turn it on (or off)?

If you are receiving the Recognition Digest Email and you don't want to, you can update your email preferences by accessing your Account Settings page. Click the Notifications tab and uncheck the box next to "Weekly Recognition Summary".  Read more

How do I turn on the digest for my organization?

As an Administrator, you can turn on the Recognition Digest email and schedule it go out on a day of the week or month of your choosing.
1. From the Administration page, click on Recognition.
2. Click the Preferences tab.
3. Click the Edit icon
4. From the first drop down menu, set a weekly or monthly cadence.
5. From the second drop down menu, pick a day of the week or month for the email to send. 
6. Click Update Preferences to save. 

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