How to Post Recognition


Posting Recognition

You may post a recognition from either the Home screen or Recognition tab. 

1. Click on the text box of Post Recognition 2. The box will expand where you can enter your coworkers' name(s) that you want to recognize, a comment about the recognition, and a badge that relates to the recognition. You may select a goal it relates to if you would like, as well as add an image or video.

3. Click Submit. You'll immediately see the recognition in the newsfeed, and the people you recognized will be notified via email.

Posting Recognition with a Specialty Badge:

Your organization is able to set up "Specialty Badges" -- basically, badges that are not universally available. If you have access to a Specialty Badge, you'll see these badges with a "lock" icon in the corner.

Using a Specialty badge is exactly like using a Core Value Badge, except:

  • You can "backdate" the recognition: Unlike Core Value Recognition, you can "backdate" a specialty badge.  For example, if you've had a Dash Award program for the past eight years, you can post recognition for past winners and backdate the recognition to avoid cluttering the feed.  
  • The recognition post appears appears in the timeline based on the backdated date rather than today's date/time. This means it won't fill the timeline. It also means it's less likely to be widely seen.

Everything else about the recognition is the same:

  • Specialty badges appear on your profile
  • And recipients get notified via email and alert
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