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Answering Your Employees' Survey FAQs

Here are some FAQs you may want to send to your employees or post on your intranet to answer any questions they may have.

Who is our survey vendor?

We work with a third party vendor, Quantum Workplace (QW), to design and distribute our Employee Engagement Survey. Quantum Workplace is committed to keeping our survey data confidential and also to get us the information we need to cultivate engagement in our work environment.

Quantum Workplace works with more than 8,500 organizations on employee assessments every year and is the exclusive research partner of the American City Business Journal’s Best Places to Work™ contests in over 40 U.S. metro markets. After our survey responses are collected, we’ll be able to benchmark our survey results against others in our industry and to other organizations similar in size.

What does the engagement survey measure?

Employee engagement is the strength of mental and emotional connection that employees feel toward their places of work. Quantum Workplace's model of engagement measurement focuses on three factors:

  1. Work Engagement: How connected am I to my work?
  2. Team Engagement: How connected am I to my immediate coworkers?
  3. Organizational Engagement: How connected am I to the organization as a whole?

How should I interpret the survey questions?

Your answer should relate to the organization as you see it. Each survey question should be interpreted in terms of what it means to you. This will be shaped by your role, position, experiences, etc.

Is the survey confidential?

Yes! Quantum Workplace is committed to the highest standards in protecting and safeguarding your right to privacy while using and interacting with our applications.  Your privacy as a survey taker is guaranteed by an agreement with your organization prior to the survey administration by Quantum Workplace.

Each survey link is unique to ensure each employee takes the survey only once. Your participation and the answers you provide will be kept confidential by Quantum Workplace, who handles the administration, analysis, and reporting of the results. Results of the survey are aggregated without individual identifiable information. No one in your organization will be able to connect your responses directly to you. When viewing data by groups, e.g. department, results are required to meet a threshold of minimum responses in order to preserve privacy of employees.

For more information refer to the  Quantum Workplace Privacy Policy.

Who will participate in the survey?

All permanent, full-time employees will be invited participate in the survey. The survey will not include interns.

Will my supervisor be able to see specific responses for their area?

All groups that a report can be run by are required to meet a threshold of minimum responses in order to preserve privacy of employees. In most cases, the reports will combine a number of smaller departments.

How does the survey know what area I work in? I didn’t see any questions about this?

If you take the survey online, we have linked your email to your department. Results of the survey are aggregated without individual identifiable information. No one in your organization be able to connect your responses directly to you.

What will be done with the information gathered by the survey?

Quantum Workplace will analyze the data and create reports that show the results for each question. Results will be compared to the data from other surveys that have been conducted throughout the country. The information will be shared with your organization. Your organization will then share the results with individual departments and employees. Based on this data, your organization will develop initiatives to continue to improve your work experience.

I received a message stating the survey has already been completed, but I have not started the survey.

Please verify you are using the survey link sent to you directly from Quantum Workplace, support@quantumworkplace.com. The links are unique to each participant, meaning no individual can take the survey more than once. If you forwarded your invitation to a fellow employee, they may have completed your survey. Please contact support@quantumworkplace.com or 402.519.2141 for assistance.

What happens if I accidentally quit my browser?

All your responses up to the page you were currently working on are saved. Simply click on the survey link provided in your invitation to return to your survey.

Can I change my answers after submitting my survey?

By clicking the “Submit Survey” button, you submit your survey to Quantum Workplace. Unfortunately, there is no way for you to go back and change your answers after you submit the survey.