Align Your Goals for Success

Every organization understands the importance of setting goals, but the simple act of creating benchmarks is selling their impact short. It’s imperative to create goals that align all employees to team and organizational goals.

Everyone should be working to achieve the organization’s overall strategy, and aligning goals gets everyone on the same page and pushing in the same direction. Aligned goals create a familial atmosphere where everyone works together and understands their role.

Simply put, if your organizational isn’t aligning goals, you’re at a disadvantage.

Here are the main benefits to aligning your organization’s goals from top to bottom:

  • Goals set the tone for your organizational strategy. They communicate what’s important, and all employees act based on those benchmarks. Goals take the company’s overall strategy and break it down into manageable chunks, providing checkpoints along the way to reaching the overall strategic mark.
  • Employees get a sense of how their contributions are building toward team and organizational goals. It’s easy for an employee to feel lost and become disengaged when they don’t understand where they fall in the organizational hierarchy. But when their goals are aligned with those of the company, they see the impact of their actions. It gives everyone a role to play and engenders accountability while providing natural points for recognition and celebration of good work.
  • Priorities are clarified. Employees have several tasks on their agenda each day, and they’re trusted to choose which should be accomplished first to push the organization forward. When they understand how each task affects the team and organizational goals, it’s easier for them to choose the job that needs their attention first.
  • Aligned goals connect employees and teams, giving the organization the feeling that everyone is in this together and is on the same page. Employees become disengaged when they feel they’re a one-man crew. But when everyone understands how their work is contributing to the organization’s main goals, bonds form as everyone works together.