Admin Post-Survey Toolkit

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In this toolkit: 


Understanding Engagement & Metrics

The E9 Engagement Model 

Quantum Workplace defines employee engagement as the strength of the mental and emotional connection employees feel towards an organization, their team and their work. Follow the link to learn more about how we measure engagement.

What are Engagement Outcomes & High-Impact Items

What are Engagement Outcomes and High-Impact Items?

  • Outcomes are at the core of how we measure employee engagement. They help reveal the current state of employee engagement within organizations. There are nine Engagement Outcome questions, although not all nine are required to be in your survey.
  • High-Impact items are actionable questions that determine what can be done to maintain, improve or otherwise drive outcomes towards higher favorability.

Quantum Workplace does not recommend adding Outcome items to your Action Plan. Outcome items are typically the target, with the High-Impact items being actionable, and the means of achieving Outcomes. It's a best practice to focus on High-Impact items to improve engagement. 

Understanding Tools & Data

Engagement Survey Analytics Training Video

Analytics: Reports

For more information on each type of report, follow the links below: 

  • Comments: View all comments left by survey-takers to understand overall sentiments and themes.

  • Categories Report: Every survey item is grouped into a category, this report allows you to see engagement based on categories included in your survey. 

  • Heat Map: Visualize how different demographic groups compare to a benchmark.

  • Response Rate: See the percentage of started and completed surveys.

  • Results: View all of your survey’s scaled items and their associated data.

  • Action Planning: Increase engagement by strategically acting on feedback with Action Plan reports.


Post-Survey: What's Next?

A post-survey guide to help you take the necessary steps at the appropriate times to help you be successful in follow-up.

Look through this article, intended to help admins understand and interpret their engagement survey data.

For best practices on when and how to share results for meaningful action, check out our Post-Survey Guide. Remember, engagement is a continuous goal to strive for and maintain. Start with small actionable steps that align with your organization and employees.