How to Edit and Deactivate 1-on-1 Templates

Admin users can create, edit, and deactivate templates from the 1-on-1s Administration page.



Admin users have the ability to create, remove, and edit templates that both you and your employees can utilize. Admins can also specify which templates should be available to your employees to use and which should be restricted to Admin use only. 

The starting point for all template management tasks is the Templates tab within your 1-on-1s Administration page

Accessing Templates tab


How to Edit Questions on a Template

You can edit both the title of a template and the questions included in a template. Click Edit next to the template you would like to edit to begin.


To edit a question, click the Edit icon to the right of a question:


From this expanded view, you can update the text of the question or remove the question.


Note on editing Templates that are already in use:  You will receive a warning if your edit will cause you to lose trending. 

Setting Permissions for Who Can Use a Template

Can be launched by

Under the Can be launched by heading, you can specify whether the template should be available for Admins only to launch as part of a cycle or whether the template should also be available for user-initiated 1-on-1s.


If you make a 1-on-1 template available for user-initiated 1-on-1s, but you do NOT want a You can decide who should be able to use any given 1-on-1 template. You will see who is able to use any given template from the top right corner. Click the drop down arrow next to Can be used by to specify who can use the template:


How to Delete a Template

You can delete a template only if it is not in use. Simply click delete next to the 1-on-1 template you'd like to delete from the Templates tab.